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Ekaterina Pylova - April 2010

<p>Ekaterina Pylova is the hottest thing to come out of wintry Russia</p>
| Apr 14, 2010
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Where exactly in Russia were you born and raised?
I was born in a city called Cheboksary, but right after I was born we moved to Germany for five years because my father was a military man. After that we moved to a place called Kamchatka—not sure if you know where that is but it’s in the far-east region of Russia.

Wow, that sounds like it’s really far away!
It is. It’s a little peninsula in the Pacific Ocean with very extreme weather conditions, but my best childhood memories are from there! Living in a little military town, close to the ocean, amazing natural views, volcanoes, and snowfall.Sometimes it snows so much that it covers buildings up to the third floor, and you can’t get out of the house for two to three days!Exciting!

Try scary! How did you get into modeling?

I was never planning to be a model. I was actually a dancer and I always loved being one. But then, funny and cliché story: My girlfriend suggested that I fill out an application for the beauty pageant “Miss Russian Radio.” So we went just for fun, and then I got accepted, my girlfriend didn’t. She insisted that I go on with the contest and I ended up winning it. It grew from there.

Have you also done acting jobs?
You asked me right on time! I just had actor shots yesterday and my modeling agency is sending my book (portfolio) to a few acting agencies in New York. So I am starting to get into acting as we speak!

Well, congratulations in advance! You must be excited!
I have always wanted to do it and was fascinated with the industry. I did some stage acting when I was in school in Russia, but nothing big. It was like a little theater or studio. Then in New York I did a couple of music videos and I loved it! For me, modeling is a form of acting as well. Models are actresses in front of the camera because in order to create great images you need to actually “feel” the feeling. Only then will the photographer be able to capture your emotions and as a result great images come out.

You mentioned you have an extensive background in dancing, too?
Yes. I started with Russian Ballet back in Kamchatka. My mom sent me to ballet school when I was seven years old.

So young. How long did you stay with the Russian Ballet?
Not too long, for three years I was studying ballet. And then when I was nine we had to make a decision whether to take it further as a career or not, because you know, ballet in Russia is no joke. If you decide to do it for life, you almost literary do nothing but that.

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