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Erika Padilla - August 2013

You’ve enjoyed watching PBA courtside reporter Erika Padilla drenched in the locker rooms, but as’s new columnist, we give her a chance to speak her mind (and showcase her more stimulating assets) sans the buckets of H20
by Anton D. Umali | Aug 7, 2013
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Have any PBA players hit on you?
Naku wala! Ha ha! Akala yata nila tibo ako! That has always been my struggle. I think I need to be more feminine in my ways. My personality is more of the koboy type. If anything, maybe they have and it just didn’t register. I wouldn’t say that there has been, which is sad, ha ha!

You’re very well endowed in the chest area and you interview all these men. Have you caught any of them being, uhm, distracted by your assets?
Yes, I’ve experienced that. But I’m thankful because they do their best not to be distracted and they focus on the questions. It’s instinctual for men and it’s something they react to naturally. These men, they know that they work with me and see me week after week, so they temper themselves and show respect, which I appreciate. Among the PBA players, no one has done anything offensive.

You’re known as the Dugout Queen and you dripping wet has become somewhat of a tradition. When was the first time you were drenched with water in the locker room?
Of course the most memorable is the first, but each of them has its own marking that makes them special. The first time it happened was the finals game between the B-MEG Llamados [now San Mig Coffee Mixers] against Talk ’N Text in May of 2012. I didn’t know what to expect.

Was it hard to concentrate while you were, erm, wet?
The only thing going through my mind was to make sure to ask the proper questions. I felt I was being tested. I was thinking it was just water, so whatever, right? I was new and I felt that I was being challenged to get the job done.

How does it feel to be part of the FHM family as’s new female columnist?
It's very exciting. My interests have come full circle.

And what were these interests, apart from writing?
I’ve been into sports, and now I’m in that field. I love to write, and now I get to write for you guys. I wanted to be in a magazine, and here it is. Everything has been stitched together perfectly.



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