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Eva Doll - December 2012

Scottish model Eva Doll had to brave the floods to make it to this shoot. Here she is waiting for her clothes to dry
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 26, 2012
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So would you still come visit again despite the wading you had to do at your shoot?
Of course. Three weeks was not enough time for me to go around. I love the Philippines; it’s a very beautiful country. I went to Puerto Princesa and Davao, apart from Manila. When I come back, I am going to Cebu and Boracay. I want to squeeze in more photo shoots on the beaches as well as some partying and more sightseeing.

What are you busy with right now?
At present, I am working as a model and professional dancer around the world. I am currently staying in Australia doing promotional modeling, modeling for Australian men’s magazines, and working as a showgirl at various venues within Australia.

But you started out modeling in the U.K.
Right. I was a model for car magazines there which got me promotional work at car shows up and down the country. I was studying at university at the time so it was extra income and a fun part-time job. I then went on to Europe and then over to the U.S. where I was a model for Maxim and also worked as a coyote. That was great fun, like in the movie [Coyote Ugly] where the coyote girls get to dance on the bars and have lots of fun. For the past four years, I’ve been traveling around the world as a feature dancer and model. Now, aside from being a regular featured model in Australian men’s magazines, I am also a showgirl and a ring girl for MMA [Mixed Martial Arts] shows.

You’re a long way from home.
Yes, I am actually from Scotland. I have very strong Scottish and Irish roots. If you have seen the movie Braveheart, you will know where I mean. Scotland is quite a small country and very cold.

And since your base is Australia, for now, you’ve probably stripped off your layers of clothing in favor of swimsuits.
I have become keen on the whole surfing thing as everyone in Australia is mad about surfing. But when I’m not at the beach, and if I have some shoots scheduled, I will be in the gym working out and checking out hot guys.

Speaking of guys, you mentioned earlier that you love your boobs.
I do love my boobs. I would have to say they are my favorite part of my body. They are the perfect size and shape for my body as I am quite tall. And I also get a lot of compliments on my legs as they are long and slim. Great for dancing and modeling. I also love my eyes—they tend to change color depending on whatever mood I am in. So one day, they can be bright blue; the next day, they can be green. I love it.

In an arm wrestling match, who do you think would win: a Filipino or a Scot?
Let me just say that I think Filipino guys are very cool and well-dressed. They’re very caring men; they’re considerate and polite. But I find Filipinos are quite reserved compared to Scottish guys, although Scottish guys can be quite arrogant and I don’t like that. Filipino guys come across as true gentlemen. They are respectful, have good morals, and a good head on their shoulders.

Well said. What else do you like to do, aside from dodging sensitive questions?
I like to go for walks on the beach, sometimes catch some rays from the sun. I love the sun and sun-baking makes me happy. I also enjoy exercising; doing yoga on the beach is quite relaxing, and doing Zumba in my living room keeps me going. Drawing cartoons is another hobby of mine. I studied computer animation at university so I am a bit of a computer geek. I like to catch all the latest animated movies when they are out. Also, if I am in the city, I usually cycle around. It’s the easiest way to experience a new city, plus it’s good for your bum.

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