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Eye Candy Reese - September 2011

We just can’t get new Eye Candies recruit Reese out of our minds!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 7, 2011
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This is obviously not your first time modeling.
I was already modeling when I was still based in Davao. I started when I was 15 with photo shoots.

How did you get the Eye candies gig?
I saw their page on Facebook. I was actually a fan but then I asked them for a chance to join. Sinubukan ko lang. Their manager sent me a message and asked me if I was willing to fly to Manila to give it a shot. Wala namang pilitan at ginusto ko talaga. I was getting so used to modeling so I tried something new. I wanted to harness my skills for singing and dancing, so nag-audition ako. Awa ng Diyos, natanggap naman. Ha ha!

You’re originally from Davao. What is it about Davaoeñas that makes them unique?
Hmmm… We’re very loyal, mabait and sweet. Maalaga rin kami. Masasabi ko ring makaluma kami. I’m not really the gimikera type. I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I’m a homebody and at this point I want to focus on my career.

So when you aren’t working, how do you like to unwind?
Shopping! Ha ha! When I have time I like to go around the mall and shop for things. I also like having dinner by myself or with my friends. If I’m at home, mabubuhay na ako basta may TV, laptop and food. Ha ha!

We hear you’re single now. Ever had a boyfriend? If yes, what can make you have one again?
I used to have a boyfriend pero nahurt ako. I don’t like guys na sobrang yabang! Kahit wala kang pera okay lang. Kailangan totoong tao ka lang. Ayoko ng maarte, and he needs to accept me for who I am. In Davao I like to be taken to the hilltops. It’s really nice there because of the view and you can talk and hang out.

After talking and hanging out during the date, are you the type to close the deal by sleeping with the guy?
No! Ayoko talaga ng nakikipag-date. But when I like a guy I pretend to ignore him. I don’t show signs that I like him. When a guy knows that a girl likes him, pa-easy-easy na lang siya. Gusto ko pinahihirapan siya! Ha ha!

You told us earlier you’re already done with college.
I finished HRM [Hotel and Restaurant Management]. I didn’t really want to take that up. Gusto ko talagang maging pulis. Ha ha! I was late for enrollment so I just decided to go with it. I only learned to love it [HRM] when I started learning more about it.

You would’ve made one sexy policewoman.
Yes, that would have been cool. Wow, di ba, babae tapos sexy, tapos pulis pa! Yung lolo ko kasi mahilig sa baril. Sometimes he’d let me shoot his gun.

Ever had a guy wrong or disrespect you?
I had a classmate one time that I used to hang out with. We were just friends pero nalaman kong ipinagkakalat niya sa school na kami na raw, and that we’d already kissed. Kapal ng mukha!

Is it fair to say that if someone pisses you off you won’t go down without a fight?
I’m not really confrontational but once you mess with my family or me and I can’t take it anymore, lalaban ako. Ang mga babae mahilig manabunot pero ako suntok at sipa talaga ang aabutin mo.

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