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Sep 26, 2013
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Back us up on this one, FHM Nation! We've conjured tons of douche-y nicknames for a girl's pair of knockers; there's Hubba and Bobba, Jumbo and Dumbo, Truth and Justice, Tidbits and Tom-Toms, Oompa and Loompa (our favorite), and a whole lot more. It's sexist and downright offensive. Utter any of these in front of her and you will rake in a slap in the face. But you really deserve it, so it's okay.

This week's Hot Turista applicant however doesn't mind you appreciating her pair. She's totally comfortable talking about her goods! "They have a way of capturing everyone's attention and they have a mind of their own," says Korean-American stunner Amy Markham about her boobs. "They also prefer not to be covered up. I can't seem to keep those puppies in check! I don't know what their deal is."

That said, you just got to see 'em, bro! You just got to! Scroll down to know and see more of Amy!

Amy Markham

Photography Eric Gea