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FHM Icons: Aubrey Miles

If nature was fair and consistently rendered motherhood the way she did with Aubrey, husbands would have no reason to look the other way
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 30, 2013
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How do you feel about being called an FHM Icon?
Proud ako and, of course, flattered na “Oh my God! I have two kids... and they still believe in me.” Every time they call me, anything, I’ll say yes. Walang question. One text, I’ll say yes, especially with shoots. Happy ako, proud na proud ako. So excited ako lagi na i-announce. Before pa nga ng shoot, “Can I announce it? Can I tweet it?” So parang every shoot, parang laging first time.

Is it weird doing these kinds of shoots now that you’re a mom?
Weird sa bahay. Ha ha! In my walk-in closet, sa likod ng door, merong mga framed magazine covers ko. Every time tinitingnan ko. And then ‘pag dumarating ‘yung baby ko, kino-cover ko ‘yan. Kasi they don’t know, bata pa sila. Pero they’re okay. I’m not going to show them everything naman. They don’t really care. And they don’t see it all around the house.

Is it harder to feel sexy as a mom?
You know what’s weird? Having kids made me sexier. Walking in the mall with two kids, wearing my shorts and my tank top, proud ako ngayon to be honest. Not to be mayabang. It’s up to you talaga. For me, fitness muna bago ‘yung looks. Talagang kailangan healthy ako.

How do people react when you tell them that you have two kids?
Lagi ‘yan, walang sablay na sasabihin nila, ‘Oh my God! You don’t look like you have kids.’ Sabi ko, ‘Meron. I do. I do.’ And I’m proud to say that I have kids. Gusto ko nga kasama ‘yung kids ko ngayon. Sexy outfit lang. Ha ha ha! Not super slutty, hindi ‘yung sobra. ‘Yung talagang presentable, sexy, sophisticated lang.

You laid low with acting for a while. was there anything about it that you missed while you were away?
Hindi ko na-miss ‘yung time, ‘yung waiting. You know the saying: Time is gold. It’s so typical but it’s true eh. Nag-set na ako ng limits ko for my showbiz life. Kailangan mag-lie low muna ako and focus on my kids. Importante sa akin ngayon ang family.

What kind of limits are you talking about?
Kunwari, pag may role in a soap, gaano katagal ba ‘yung oras? You limit days. Kumbaga, worth it ba ‘yung oras na mawawala ko sa mga anak ko? Worth it ba ‘yung role na gagawin ko? Kung maganda ‘yung role tapos worth it ako umalis ng bahay, then I’ll do it.

What kind of roles do you usually get offered these days?
Mostly kontrabida na mataray. Not a mom with kids; I never get mommy roles. Well, nagka-mommy role ako sa Maalaala Mo Kaya pero parang adopted ko pa ‘yung kid.

Why do you get offered kontrabida roles?
They say it’s my face. Mukha raw akong kontrabida. Ha ha ha! Siguro dahil sa showbiz ngayon mas marami nang bida so kailangan nila ng kontrabida.

The generic model/actress look is tisay with half-breed features. Do you think it works for you that you have a different look?
I’m okay with my fair complexion. Pero sabi nila mas okay sa akin ‘yung tanned. Mas bagay sa akin. Siguro kaya lagi nilang napapansin ‘yung color ko. Kasi ‘di ba uso ‘yung kailangan maputi ka palagi? Asian and white. So why not maging Asian ka and tanned? I’m not afraid of the sun. Sabi nila, kung maganda ka talaga; maganda ka ng maputi, maganda ka rin kahit maitim. O di ba? Ang yabang ko, ha ha ha!

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