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FHM's Hot Turista of the Week: Emily Dibden

Aussie chicks rock!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 18, 2013
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This week's Hot Turista applicant hails from the Land Down Un-dah! Fellow wankers, let's all welcome our hot as nails Aussie import, Emily!

About this week's Hot Turista:
Name: Emily Dibden
Nationality: Australian
Hometown: Canberra, Australia
Occupation: Model, dancer, and fitness instructor

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Emily Dibden
What's it like being you?
I'd say I'm spontaneous, exciting, and funny. My family and friends are full of love.

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of love?
I gave up my life and left my home, my job, my family, and my friends to move to another state with my ex. Turned out he wasn’t the one!

Share to us the wildest thing you've ever done, drunk or sober.
I once went skinny dipping late at night at a Miami beach!

What's your take on love, sex, and relationships?
In order to fully love and be one with a partner, you must love and be one with yourself first.

What is your proudest moment in terms of modeling?
To be able to work with my idol make-up artist Jolina O’hair on multiple shoots!

Would you ever consider dating a Filipino guy?
Of course! Filipino men are stunning. They're friendly, generous, and beautiful!

What are Australian girls known for?
You know, blonde hair, tanned skin, and fun personalities.

What else do you do outside of modeling?
I love to go dancing, especially salsa, samba, and burlesque styles.

Since this is a "foreign exchange program," which Filipino female celebrity should your country get in return?
Miss Universe Philippines 2012 finalist Janine Tugonon, I have a massive girl crush on her!

Fictional Customs Question: Why should we give you the "Approved" stamp?
You should give me the “approved” stamp because I love to travel and experience new cultures. The Philippines would be an incredible place to visit.

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Emily Dibden

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