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FHM's Hot Turista of the Week: Gloria Touch

Chicks from Cambodia rock
by Mikey Agulto | May 9, 2013
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"Yes, my last name is Touch," Gloria tells us before we even got the chance to ask. "It's always been my dream to model for FHM. I'm part Cambodian, Chinese, Thai, and French, and a DJ who can rock any club with sick tunes and beats." Gloria, darling, that pretty much sums up everything we needed to hear. Scroll down below to see and know more about this week's Hot Turista applicant!

About this week's Hot Turista
Gloria Touch
Age: 27
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Nationality: Cambodian, Chinese, Thai
Occupation: Model, DJ, agent

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Gloria Touch
Please let us into your world. What's it like being you?
I am a really down to earth and active girl and love exploring life to it's fullest. Outside of modeling I'm a DJ and Artist-my mind is so creative and I love expressing it onto a canvas.

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of love?
I have a boyfriend and I have to admit I have done some irrational things in the name of love. Ha ha!

Share to us the wildest thing you've ever done, drunk or sober.
I've done some crazy things drunk with my girls when we go out. But sober, I'd say it was the time when I went down a black diamond run, and it's my first time on a snowboard! Also, I went skinny dipping once.

What's your take on love, sex, and relationships?
Love yourself before you can love others and then the rest will fall into place.

What is your proudest moment in terms of modeling?
This year has been by far the best year for me for modeling. I've already been featured in multiple online magazines as well as published.

Would you ever consider dating a Filipino guy? What's your impression on us?
I'm always open to all ethnicity. I have a lot of Filipino friends and they are always the most friendly people I know. They always cook the best food!
What are Cambodian girls known for?
Cambodian girls are known to be friendly, sweet and willing to go out of their way for others. At times they can also be the most aggressive. I guess it's the best of both worlds.

Since this is a "foreign exchange program," which Filipino figure should your country get in return?
Manny Pacquiao! I have been watching him for years and he continues to amaze me. I would love to meet him!

Fictional Customs Question: Why should we give you the "Approved" stamp?
Because I'm not your average pretty girl. I'm just full of surprises and I will keep you on your toes!

FHM Hot Turista of the Week Gloria Touch
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