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FHM's Hot Turista of the Week: Reiko Motobu

This week, a Japanese Latina! Wait, what?
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 21, 2013
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This week's Hot Turista applicant hails from the land of cute adult video idols, ambiguous trends, and gigantic fighting robots (Japan!), but was born and raised in the land of sombreros and fanescas (Ecuador!). Mr. DOT secretary, sir, does she count as two tourists?

About this week's Hot Turista
Name: Reiko Motobu
Age: 23
Nationality: Half-Japanese, half-Ecuadorian
Hometown: Okinawa, Japan
Occupation: Freelance model

fhm hot turista reiko
Please let us into your world. What's it like being you?
Being me is easy! Just like any other girl, I work, hang out with friends when I'm free, play with my dogs, go to photoshoots, and eat, eat, eat!

What's the craziest thing you've done in the name of love?
The craziest thing I ever did was follow my heart! I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with and committed to him when I was 19.

Share to us the wildest thing you've ever done, drunk or sober.
I'm not a wild person. When sober, I think before doing things. But I don't know how wild I've gotten when drunk because I usually don't remember the things I end up doing, ha ha!

What's your take on love, sex, and relationships?
They all go hand in hand, like sushi and soy sauce!

What is your proudest moment in terms of modeling?
When I get to see myself published! I feel like all the hard work has paid off and I'm being recognized for it.

Would you ever consider dating a Filipino?
I wouldn't consider it now, since I'm taken. But if I wasn't, of course. It's all in the personality. The nationality doesn't matter. But something has to first catch your eye, like a nice smile. I actually know quite a bunch of Filipinos and I think they are very friendly and outgoing people. I love it! It reminds me of people in Ecuador, even the language. Tagalog and Spanish words are quite similar.

What are Japanese girls known for?
If you ask me for full Japanese girls, I'd say they are known for being cute, very girly, with a soft voice, and shy. Of course there are exceptions and there are many girls who are sexy, edgy, and outgoing. I am half-Ecuadorian and half-Japanese, and I was born and raised in Ecuador so I think I have more of a Latina girl personality. But I could be cute and shy if I want to, ha ha!

What else do you do outside of modeling?
I have part-time jobs. I used to work at a tattoo shop as a receptionist-slash-translator but now I'm gunning to be a waitress.

Since this is a "foreign exchange program," which Filipino figure should Japan/Ecuador get in return?
I think Japan would be very excited to get Angel Locsin in return!

Fictional Customs Question: Why should we give you the "Approved" stamp?
Why wouldn't you? I think that's a question the readers should answer!

fhm hot turista reiko
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