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FHM Sponsor Babes - December 2012

Christmas Bonus
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 19, 2012
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Still can’t feel the spirit of the season? Here’s something to cheer you up: Presenting the winners from RRJ, Belo Men, and World of Tanks from this year’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World Victory Party.

Yuri Okawa, 28

Congratulations for bagging this year’s RRJ Model of the Year Award! How’s it like being a winner?
I am happy, excited, and proud.

Speaking of RRJ, do you go for short shorts or short skirts?
I prefer shorts. They’re more comfortable and I don’t have to worry na makikita yung underwear ko.

We’ll assume you don’t like skirts on menjeans or shorts for us?
If it’s summer, I like men in shorts—pero below the knee lang dapat. For the rainy days, I would prefer them in jeans. Para macho.

What else makes men macho in your eyes?
I like a bit of the rugged look but at the same time gusto ko yung medyo malinis tingnan. Yun ang nagpapa-macho talaga. Pogi points yun.

This is your fourth time shooting for FHM. How’s it like now?
Mas comfortable na ako and at the same time, since medyo matagal na since my last shoot, kinakabahan pa rin and excited.

Did Pinoy Big Brother help build your confidence?
Mas masasabi kong comfortable ako sa mga shoot since I know the people I work with. Dun siguro lumalabas yung confidence ko, pag kilala ko na yung mga katrabaho ko.

But has your experience helped develop the way you show your sexy side?
For me, simplicity is beauty. Pag lumalabas ako hindi ako masyado ma-makeup, simple lipstick and blush pero sexy and daring ako magdamit—short shorts, spaghetti straps or tubes. The way I dress is how I show my sexy side.

Do you also enjoy the simpler things in life?
I gave up clubbing na. Kasi nung nasa PBB ako, I was known as the party girl but now I’m lying low from the scene. More on food trip, billiards, and games—I love the arcade—and movies!

So what should we call you now that you aren’t the party girl anymore?
Stuck pa rin sa akin yung party girl image ko until now—at yung sexy linguist, yun pa rin ang nakatanim sa isip ng mga tao.

Kates Ocampo, 23

How would you best describe your personal style?
I don’t know. I think it’s best to call my style simple and boyish.

What’s the most boyish thing about you?
The way I walk. Para raw akong maton. Pero when it comes to ramp, I change.

In terms of the men you date, do you prefer the rugged type?
Yes. Basta I like guys who are simple. Ayaw ko ng may anik-anik or maarte.

You’ve sort of become an RRJ hall of famer. How has it been representing the brand?
Andito pa rin ako because they get me for my personality. I think it suits my personality very well. I’m the Rough Rider Jeans type of girl. Wala akong karate-arte.

But what’s the most maarte thing you’ve done in your life?
I don’t have that quirk. Siguro pagdating sa food lang. Pihikan ako when it comes to the food I eat.

Where should a guy bring you if he wants to take you out on a dinner date?
Mahirap akong dalhin sa date! Siyempre you have to ask me first. You can’t bring me to just any restaurant because I might not want or be able to eat the food there. That’s the only tip I can give.

How was the 100 Sexiest show for 2012?
Before it was just a simple ramp, pero ngayon may konting sayaw. And it was sexy. So kung nandun kayo you would have seen na mas daring.

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Photography: Paolo Pineda and Ejay Leung
Interviews: Ash Mahinay, Anton Umali, Mich Lagdameo, Khyne Palumar and Alex Paita
Styling: Geraldine Nuqui and Rob Lim, assisted by Neil Mendoza
Makeup: Amanda Padilla, George Aliben, and Roman Ostan
RRJ and World of Tanks: Lingerie from Barbizon (www.barbizonfashion.com) and Mona Lisa; shoes from Vishoes and Sugarfree; accessories from SM Accessories and Bring by Bin Ubaldo
Belo Men: Lingerie from Barbizon; accessories from Bring by Bin Ubaldo
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