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FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party Sponsor Girls - December 2014

This year’s firecracker of a holiday bonanza comes in the form of 10 hot babes from your favorite brands!
by FHM Staff | Dec 23, 2014
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Divine Smith, RRJ

You’re no doubt one of our new faves. How does that make you feel?
I’m having so much fun with FHM because I always push myself. Even though I’ve done it before, every time I come here to shoot it’s always exciting to me because I know I’ll be putting myself outside the box. Out of my comfort zone, where it’s fun!

How about your debut 100 Sexiest ramp appearance?
It was awesome! There were so many people it was insane! It turned out really well. Walking was fun because I got to dance and just enjoy myself.

Kar Sison

You really know how to keep sexy in a pair of jeans.
Right now uso yung skinny eh—the skinnier, the sexier. Ha ha! I say rock what you feel comfortable in.

Do you also look for a laidback kind of man?
Of course. Anyone who’s comfortable with his own style is instantly attractive, but then I hope he doesn’t wear flip-flops and sando with his pair of jeans. Sobra na yun!

AJ Sachi

Do you think having confidence is an advantage in seducing the opposite sex?
It should be. Just don’t be overconfident. Just be yourself.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?
I really like Air Jordans. I’m into sneakers. I like pairing them with T-shirts. Uso na ngayon ang girls na may
swag. I think it’s sexy.

Micah Sosmeña

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We only met you this year, and this is already your third shoot with FHM. What were you doing around this time last year? Obviously you weren’t caught by the FHM radar then.
Yung agent ko pa lang ang nakakakilala sa akin. I really wasn’t expecting to land in these pages kasi super low confidence ako. It was my agent who convinced me that I had the potential. So I gave it a chance.

Low confidence? But why?
Let’s say maliit ang mundo ko noon kasi since high school, natali ako sa boyfriend ko for six years. Wala akong social life!

Regina Castillo

Do you like vitamins?
Oo, talagang naniniwala ako sa supplements. Habol ko yun for energy!

Are you energetic in the sack?
Ah, oo, ha ha! Well, depende sa kasama.

Does a low-energy mate bore you?
I’ve never encountered someone na “patay” sa kama kasi usually lahat ng guys na kasama ko, excited lahat.
Pero nangyayari lang is minsan hindi nila kayang i-reach ang fantasies ko. May dumadating na point na
mas magaling ako kaysa sa kanila, ha ha!

Charm Dela Cruz

Do girls even notice guys' socks?
Usually, oo. Kasama siya sa overall look ng isang guy.

Can it be a deal breaker?
Siyempre pag hindi match or parang hindi pinagisipan, turn-off yun.

How about socks on during sex? Like in a bad porno...
Not necessarily, siguro na-excite lang so nakalimutan nang tanggalin, ha ha! Hindi naman weird tignan.


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Boxers or briefs?
Boxers. Mas sexy siya kasi hindi siya daring kaagad, nandun yung mystery, ha ha! Girls want a little surprise, of course. Sana lang magandang surprise yung nandun!

What does a guy’s underwear say about his personality?
A lot. It just doesn’t give us the idea of his style, pero also his being responsible and hygienic. Parang pag bacon na yung garter ng underwear, turn-off yun. It means he is too tacky, or can’t work hard enough to buy himself a new pair. And also the brand says a lot about him.

AJ Suller

You starred in the Cinemalaya movie Separados this year. How was the experience?
Masaya. It was my first time doing a movie. It wasn’t a main role pero astig kasi yung partner ko, si Victor
Neri. Masaya kasi ako yung napili from a pool of models.

Aside from acting and modeling, you’re also known for your moves on the dance floor.
Yes! I can dance and sing as well.

Barbie San Miguel

How was it repping Petron for this year’s 100 Sexiest party?
Masaya—actually lasing ako nun, ha ha!

What were the highlights of the event?
Muntik ko nang ibato yung top ko sa audience, ha ha! Kung hindi lang mabigat yung wings na suot ko, baka binato ko na yung top ko. Si Jahziel kasi alok nang alok ng alak, eh mahina ako kapag may halong juice, pero pinilit niya ako. So sige, hanggang sa nalibang kami. Inom kami nang inom. Pareho kaming lasing kaya nung
nakita kong nagtanggal siya ng top, nagtanggal din ako.

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Bianca Peralta

What was it like doing the 100 Sexiest show this year as one of Tanduay’s calendar girls?
It was my first time walking the ramp. Knowing that you’re part of the list, wala itong kapantay na feeling.
Tapos Tanduay pa ako so shot na ako nang shot, ha ha! Lasing na ako pero sobrang saya!

What are the elements of a perfect inuman session?
Dapat biglaan. Basta maganda yung company and comfortable ka, yun yung masayang magwalwalan. At least may mag-aalaga.


Yuna Salazar - FHM December 2014
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