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Gemma Gatdula - October 2008

<p>Whiskey girl!</p>
| Oct 28, 2008
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INTERVIEW: Khyne Palumar
Styling: Vince Flores
Make-up: Razel Pong Niu
Hair: Jomz Rivera

The inevitable first question would be—how does it feel to be this year’s White Castle Whiskey girl?
It’s a great honor, being one of the ladies in the castle, wearing a red two-piece bikini, and riding on top of a white horse that’s already an icon in the Philippine liquor industry.

Is drinking something you enjoy, by the way?

You could say I’m a social drinker. I like whiskey on the rocks, or when it’s prepared as a cocktail. I really like the taste when it’s mixed.
If you were a drink, what would you be?
I still might be a whiskey that’s aged in pristine oak barrels for a year to delineate its quality, ha ha! Aside from that, you also feel the quality of its taste and smoothness, which reflects my personality.

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