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The Girls of Legends Football League - June 2013

These ladies from the Legends Football League kick serious ass. Just look at those bodies...
by Alex Paita | May 31, 2013
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Wide Receiver, Tampa Breeze

How did you start with the LFL?

I’ve actually played sports my whole life. I played soccer in college for a scholarship. I was actually playing in an intramural football when one of the girls on my team asked if I’d ever consider playing lingerie football. When I heard the name [Lingerie Football], I was, like, “Huh? Sorry come again?” Then I actually started training with my coach, who’d been with the NFL for 14 years. Once I started practicing and talking to him, I realized it was much more than just girls in lingerie. You know practices were intense and that’s how I started playing. I want to push myself to the next level as an athlete.

Which came first, the body or the football skills?

I was born with both! They came hand and hand with me. A lot of women don’t realize how powerful and strong they can be until they play a sport.

So, realizations: How powerful and strong can you be?
Well, as far as football is concerned, I’m a three-time Defensive Player of the Year and as you can see, I’m not that large. I train with fellow players and even some of the best athletes and I’ve learned from them. I believe my biggest strengths are my aggression and my speed.

Do you have a signature move
They call me "Flash" because I’m really fast. My fans call me "Honey Badger" because I’m crazy and I just go all out when I tackle. There are pictures of me flying in the air, completely off the ground, going full wind, so I guess my signature move is...flying? I just go right in and do the tackle.

How on earth did you learn to do that?

Well, I played a lot of sports with my two brothers. I was always out. So being athletic actually came natural for me. I was like a tomboy and always loved to push my body because I was like a mini freak—I was very strong even as a child. I started doing gymnastics when I was young and it kind of developed an upper body strength, which a lot of girls don't have. Then I jumped to another sport: soccer, basketball...

Have you tried playing football with men? Not necessarily in lingerie, of course.

Yes! Well, we didn’t play tackle but I’ve played pick-up in intramurals. Sometimes I train with guys and actually I’ve done some grappling against them to work on my strength and sharpen my moves. But just to be clear, we're not women trying to be men, that’s the difference. We know our body types are far different with men. But as a woman, I want to be the strongest I can be.

How much do you bench?

People always ask me that!  I have to say you have to go work out with me to find out.

How do you apply your strength training to your everyday life?

You know, sports performance and athletics in general teach you so much responsibility. It gives you discipline. Even football fundamentals can be used in everyday life. I play defense so I move with my opponent. So when life throws something at you, you have to learn to adjust, you have to learn to be aggressive and go for it when you want something. The principles of being on a team and having the discipline to push yourself mentally, like “whatever life throws at me, I’m going catch it and keep going.” And if someone’s got the ball, I’m going to go full force and take it on.

Do you get to apply those?

You know, it’s kind of funny. I played for four years and men always say that they want an independent woman, right? Then again the whole stereotype of being a lad: When a woman acts too manly, sometimes men get intimidated by that. They find it too intense. Sometimes you can even see relationship as a game. You want to have fun and that’s the whole point of it all. You want the ball? I’m going to get the ball for myself. If you want to hit me back, I’m going tease you back. So it’s a really fun relationship aspect when you use football because you can be playful and it can be really quite fun.

With a body like that, ever injured someone by accident in bed?

Well, it’s actually funny to say because I had an ex that was a soccer player and I've dated men that are really athletic. They do sports, they do grappling. I remember one time, and it's actually funny, my guy and I were playing around and I accidentally knocked him off the bed. He said, “You're doing that thing again where you’re acting much like a man.” You want to be a lady. But it’s fun to be aggressive and put men in their place sometimes.

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