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Ione Enriquez - January 2012

Cebu-based hottie Ione Enriquez likes hula-hoops, video games, and donning costumes. And she looks like this. Rare, indeed <br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 1, 2012
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Ione sounds like a name some Greek goddess would have.
 Well, when my mom was still pregnant with me, she and my dad were watching a movie called Last Days of Pompei. The lead character was named Princess Ione, and they thought it was the perfect name for me.  

How did you get into modeling?
I started modeling when I was about 18. I started with a few newspaper ads, a few indie short films, local music videos, and I also did bar tours.

We’re told that your dad’s a lawyer. Is he cool about this shoot?
Ha ha! My dad specializes in criminal and labor law so yeah he is very…righteous. He's not so strict though. He has no reason to, because I’m such a good girl. By the way, my parents do not know about this yet but I’m telling them soon.

You’re also a recruitment officer. How do you think will you react if ever an applicant recognizes you and tells you: “Hey, weren’t you in FHM?”
I will probably say, “Yes I was. How does it feel to be interviewed by one?” and then I will change the subject and quickly shift back to the interview. I'm pretty serious with my job.

Has an applicant ever hit on you? How about the other way around?
Oh yes! One time, an applicant told me I had beautiful eyes. I just said “Thank you” and proceeded with the interview. But no, I’ve never hit on an applicant! There have been many, many times I had really liked to, but I have to remain professional! Ha ha!

Suppose we’re a potential client for a modeling gig, how will you answer this question: “Why should we choose you instead of our other candidates?”
Well if it were FHM conducting the interview, I’d say “You should definitely choose me over the other candidates because not only do I have the boobs to back it up, I’m also very easy to work with. I also have the personality, and the confidence. I embody FHM. Trust me.” Just check my twitter: @ione_rouge

Nice. We also heard that one of your hobbies is doing the hula-hoop. A fitness regimen, we presume.
I got into it because a good friend of mine is really into hooping. She started so I started joining weekly hoop jam sessions. It really makes the waist tiny and it’s very, very addictive. Great cardio too!  

How many hoops can you twirl at one time?
Ha ha! Just one… on the waist. But I have a friend who can do two or three. She can even hoop with fire! Amazing!

And you’re supposedly also into computer games and costumes. Where does this youthful vigor come from?
Yeah, I still play computer games, particularly The Sims because it allows me to be a great interior designer. Since I know I’m never going to be one in real life, ha ha! I absolutely love that game. It allows you to build houses, and play God on your characters. Feed them, get them jobs, get them promoted, get them killed. Ha ha! Super fun! Same way with costumes. It’s fun pretending to be someone else.

What kind of costumes are we talking about here anyway? The anime-cosplay type or the kinkier ones?
I haven’t tried joining any cosplay events, but Halloween really gets me excited. I love that holiday more than Christmas! And yes, the kinkier ones are always better than the ones you see in cosplay. Only recently, I was browsing through the mall for slutty Santa lingerie.

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Lingerie from Etam; Jewelry from Trappings Cebu (Maze, 3/F, Ayala Center Cebu); Corset Belt by Edwin Alba

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