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Iwa - August 2011

You wouldn’t believe how we ‘met’ young Iwa here
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 3, 2011
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Sorry, we couldn’t make it to Macau for your shoot. How exactly did we get you to do this?
Well, Xander is a great photographer and we did this shoot for fun while he was vacationing here.

Okay. You strike us as quite a veteran of shoots like this.
Veteran? Ha ha! Never done it! This is my first time. But your photographer said the pictures look pretty

Mighty fine, indeed. Our
photographer mentioned that you’re a very “people person.” What exactly do you do there in Macau?
I’m a marketing manager taking care of VIPs in a very beautiful luxury resort.

Since you’re into marketing, how would you entice us to visit Macau? Is there any place/restaurant/club you would recommend for us to visit?
Well, Macau isn’t the Asian Las Vegas for nothing. I say check out shows like Cirque de Soleil and the Dancing Water or spend some nights in new resorts like Encore, Galaxy, Four Seasons, Hard Rock and Grand Hyatt at City of Dreams. Club Cubic is pretty cool, Flo Rida and Lil Jon came for its opening
in April. Macau was also a Portuguese colony and it has more than 400 years of cultural infl uence from Europe, so I’d recommend you also visit some of our world heritage sites.

We’ll certainly do that once we have enough funds. We did some online research (aka stalking) about you
and we found out that you’re quite fond of Twitter-ing. You wrote there that you’re learning to play the
violin. Why choose that instrument?
You’re making me blush. I really don’t tweet a lot. I mean, if I get more friends then I will [You can follow her on—ed]. Now I just talk like no one cares. But I love to learn. I chose the violin because of the song “Take Me Back” by Tinchy Stryder and Taio Cruz.

Would you say you’re musically inclined?
I love music. But I have no talent to be a musician. I basically kill the songs when I sing, ha ha!

You also declared that you’re “addicted to the gym and sun tanning.” How long have you been
Yes! I’m always addicted to the beach and sun. Blue sky, white sand and endless ocean: that’s paradise for me! I also heard that Boracay is breathtaking! For the gym, I started with my trainer
a month ago. I love abs and a muscular body.

You’re also a Miami Heat fan. Are you addicted to basketball, too?
I started watching NBA when I was doing cardio exercises in the gym. Um, I know nothing about basketball, ha ha! I am a fan because the Heat guys are hot—forgive me—and the dancers are really cute!

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