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Jackie Clanton - December 2011
Half-American honey Jackie Clanton has got your palate covered
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 14, 2011
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Was it hard being raised the Filipino way in an American home?
It’s embarrassing talking about guys with my mom. It’s not comfortable. My dad is more lenient. He gave us the talk when we were entering into high school. Ever since then, he hasn’t said anything and he always understands. Our dad is like our best friend and we can go to him for anything.

So how do you go out on dates?
She always says to be careful when I’m going on a date. She calls me almost every hour. Good thing when my dad’s there he kind of relaxes her.

Is your mom worried about your modeling at all?
No. She’s not. She’s very supportive. I thought they were going to be strict about it, but she has been very supportive. She’s very, very proud. It’s just me and my [younger] sister, but she’s more mature than me.

She has a boyfriend.

And you don’t?
No, guys run away from me! Ha ha! They get intimidated probably. There is one guy, though, that I really like. He runs away from time to time. He’s El Salvadorian. And I’m lucky because he’s tall. Growing up, my classmates would always tell me, “Your boyfriend’s going to be shorter than you. When you get married your husband’s going to be
shorter than you.” I felt terrible! But at least I didn’t get teased a lot because I was the quiet, shy one.

How do you go out and date if you’re the quiet one?
It’s really difficult. If a guy asks me out to dinner,I’ll have to say no. I don’t do well with dinners at
all because I’m shy. Movies are okay because you don’t say anything. If it was just the two of us, like at a house, it would be awkward. I like it when a guy takes me out on a date, like, to the bar or watch a game. Sports, if it comes down to football, yes, I’m really loud. That’s when my personality comes out. I’ve also been a Laker fan since I was little.

Why do you say they run away from you?
Men are confusing. They’re worse than girls. They don’t tell you how they’re feeling but you can tell there’s something wrong. They don’t communicate with you, you have to force it out of them or just tell them that you know they’re feeling this.

Do you ever give guys the talk?
Sometimes. That’s not awkward for me. Because you want to know—you don’t want your emotions getting played. You don’t want to keep guessing every single day. When it’s time and you feel like you want to know where this is going. I just had the talk two weeks ago. He was asking me! Obviously he wanted to know if I still have feelings for him. Guys always fish.

What’s the biggest obstacle when it comes to guys?
Their lack of communication. It’s hard when you hang out with a guy and it’s hard to get their attention. I want all the attention on me. A girl wants to always feel that she’s the first priority. I totally understand that’s selfish of me, but guys, yes, they have their life too but still, girls want to feel that they’re remembered; they want to feel good.

Do you think you’re going to be visiting Manila again?
An agency is convincing me to stay for a few more months but I’ll have to think about it. Before I leave, though, I want to snorkel. I want to go to the beach. I’ve been to the ones in Dipolog and they’re beautiful!

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