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Janarah Fox - August 2012
At 20, Janarah Fox knows she can&rsquo;t be a model her whole life. We tell her it&rsquo;s okay, she&rsquo;ll forever be desirable <br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 1, 2012
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How long have you been modeling?
Four years. Although I wasn’t that active when I started because I was still studying. But after graduating last April, I’ve really pursued it.
You were a part of this year’s Premiere Vixens campaign. What drove you to join?
Once maging Vixen ka kasi parang nae-enhance every quality you have. In my case, it enhanced my experience and my confidence.

Was that stint a prelude to something more, well, showbiz-y?
No. My plan was, after the Vixens I’ll maybe look for a stable job. I really just wanted to experience how it feels like to be a Vixen. And I’ll be looking for a boyfriend siguro. Ha ha ha!

You’ve got quite a following on Facebook. We imagine that, aside from the sexy pictures you share, it’s because of your wit. For instance, you once wrote, “Kung pagkain ako, makakain mo ba ko?” That said, what kind of food are you and why?
Well, my favorite food is adobo. And you know what they say about adobo, “Kahit gaano na yan katagal, pag ininit mo, masarap pa rin.” Ha ha ha!

Nicely put. What do you do on your regular days?
I look for gigs, like bar tours and kung ano pa yung available na work. Ayoko ng nasa bahay lang ako. I’m not used to being idle and I’ve been known to be hardworking especially when I was still in school. Back then, I wanted to work while studying kaso dumating sa point na di na kaya ng katawan ko so I stopped working to focus on my studies. Right now I split my time between vacation and work.

Lucky you.
Pero hindi naman yung talagang gala, di naman din ako mahilig sa ganoon. Sometimes lang din ako gumimik, hindi ko rin hilig. Usually it’s just work, then bahay na, or I bond with family, or I go out-of-town with friends.

How long do you see yourself continuing with this modeling/vacation lifestyle?
Actually, my dream is to be a lawyer. I consider Psychology, my degree in college, as my pre-law. Pero parang ang hirap, so maybe I’ll just become a psychologist or anything related with reading minds. Sa ngayon, pinag-iisipan ko pa talaga. But I think in, say, five years, kasama na rin sa plans ko yung magkaroon ng family. Siyempre by that time, stop na rin ako sa modeling. Hindi naman forever model ka, hindi naman siya stable na job. Gusto ko na ring maging independent sa family ko at ako na ang bubuhay sa kanila. Maybe even live abroad with them. Actually, my dad’s pure Indian kaya sanay ako na alis-balik ako rito. One of the countries I visited that I really like is Australia, gusto kong tumira dun.

A planner, you are. Anyway, would you mind balancing all that mature stuff we’ve just talked about with something more, uhm, reckless. Like, sharing what’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?
I once had sex in an elevator.

Kinky. Please do spill.
I was with my ex-boyfriend. I think this was when I was still a college junior. Nagpunta kami ng condo niya—siyempre di ko na babanggitin kung saan ang condo niya, ha ha ha! Basta biglang na-stuck kami sa elevator, then on and off yung lights. Nakakatakot kasi one-and-a-half hour din kaming nasa loob. But instead of letting his fear get the better of him, my ex started touching me. So siyempre…eh ako kasi kaunting touch mo lang sa “weaker” parts ng body ko tataas na yung libido ko. So we had sex right then and there, for like…eight times. Yeah, ganun karami. Then, nung pang eighth round na namin, bigalng bumukas yung pinto and there was this one guy na nakakita sa amin. Is that reckless enough?

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