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Jayne Chen - November 2012

Taiwanese-American model Jayne Chen is our new life coach. The sight of her is enough to inspire to be better
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 7, 2012
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It’s not every day we get to meet an international model. How did you end up coming to our side of the world?
This is my first time here in the Philippines. I had heard about the flood and I definitely wanted to see the  country, see how you guys were doing, and see if there’s any chance of helping out. I came too late I guess, because there was no more storm when we got here. But it has been a very fun experience; I’ve learned a lot about the Philippines since coming here.

We’re touched, really. What else have you been up to here in Manila, when you’re not being a Good Samaritan?
I’ve been busy just trying to explore, but it’s been pretty hard with all the traffic! In a couple of days I’ll be going to Boracay and trying to get connected to nature. I heard that the beaches here are very exotic and that’s something I definitely wanted to experience. When I Googled Boracay I saw all these pictures and I got really excited.

You should be. What keeps you busy back home when you’re not in tourist mode?
Back in the States, I am a full-time model, and part of the time I also waitress. I am also trying to start my own business, which is also full-time for me because it’s in the works. So during the day I model, then at night, I waitress. I feel like I’m working all day, every day now.

We must compliment you on how fit you are. You work out a lot, don’t you?
I’m a very adventurous type of girl. I love to go out and hike and play basketball. I love sports, exercising, running. Anything that has to do with being outside, I’m good with. I wasn’t born with this figure; I actually worked really hard, eating right and exercising every single day. I just  like being active. I’m not the “mall” type of girl. I window-shop and all, but if it was my choice I wouldn’t choose to shop over hiking.

The results of your efforts will now be preserved for posterity here in our pages. Can you tell us what your work out routine is like? For inspiration, you know.
I’ve been addicted to Crossfit for a year now. I do it every single morning. I definitely promote eating healthy and staying fit. I have a blog called Look Better Naked where I get connected with my supporters, and answer their questions about eating and fitness. I’m happy that I get to help out.

Any other memorable experiences abroad?
After I graduated, I told my parents that I didn’t want to do a regular 9-5 job and to let me see the world. I went to Taiwan and lived there for half a year by myself—no friends, no family. I’m originally from Taiwan, but my Chinese is very weak, so I put myself in that situation where I was forced to learn. I came back a stronger woman.

And did all this time zone crossing involve dating a lot of foreign guys?
I have dated while I was overseas. It’s a bit different from dating back in the States. When you’re traveling it’s really hard to date or have a serious relationship because you’re constantly on the move. In the beginning it was difficult to date, but now, I’m really happy with who I’m with. It’s steadier when you’re dating someone from back home.

When girls say they’re “happy with who they’re with,” wedding invitations come right after that. Settling down anytime soon?
Right now I can’t say that. I do see myself settling down in the far, far future but I really want to grow as an individual first and get my career going, help my family, and get my financials right before I can focus on being committed to another person forever.

A sound mind in a sound body, you definitely are. Anything else on that bucket list of yours before you think about slowing down?
Being an entrepreneur and starting my own business, because I was raised in that environment—my dad is also an entrepreneur. So I want to get that going, then I would settle down. Skydiving! I really want to do that. And shooting for FHM Philippines was on my bucket list, but I can tick that off now.

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