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Jed Montero - July 2011

There's no stopping Tv host and former UP volleyball varsity Jed Montero from landing on these pages
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 6, 2011
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We know you study, model and host. So what’s your regular day like?
I’m a very busy person. On a regular basis, I go to school in the morning at UP Diliman. Thursdays until Sundays, I host Binggo Millions aired on Living Asia Channel. Since it’s summer vacation now, it’s still not vacation for me since I’m attending my OJT class. During my free time, I usually watch
the game of my boyfriend or hang out with him or with some close girlfriends.

What are you doing for OJT?
I’m doing my OJT at the Philippine Volleyball Federation. I’m taking BS Tourism Management and in line
with my OJT, I’m handling projects to promote sports tourism in the Philippines. Last month, I went to
Indonesia to document an event where team Philippines played. I’m also in charge of fixing Philippine team accommodations whenever they have out-of-town or out-of-the-country tournaments.

How would you describe yourself?
Independent, mature, strong and funny. I was raised by my parents to learn how to stand on my own. Basta kaya mong gawin, gawin mo. You should not always depend on other people. No spoon-feeding allowed, kumbaga. Learn to use your brain dapat. I say matured since I’ve experienced a lot and learned from every mistake I made in the past, and I have learned from other people’s experiences din. I think that makes me a better and stronger person. Funny, since I’m so loud! Babaeng bakla nga ako. Ha ha! And mababaw kaligayahan ko. I laugh a lot

What are people’s usual wrong impression of you?
Either I’m pa-sweet and very feminine or I’m stern. Before, a lot of people thought that I really looked stern, maybe because I didn’t know how to smile, and my eyes were very expressive and strong-looking. Ngayon naman, since I have learned how to smile a lot, people always say that I have a sweet and feminine look, tipong quiet type and mahinhin. As I said earlier I’m so loud, bubbly and super adventurous and an outgoing person.

When do you feel most sexy?
When I’m wearing shorts and heels. I have long legs so I feel sexy kapag legs ko ang exposed. Ha ha ha!

What’s sexy for you?
Physically, having nice eyes, smile, long legs and big hips is sexy. And as long as you can carry yourself and just always feel comfortable.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
Fourteen years old pa lang ako umaakyat na ako ng mga matataas na bundok. Recently, I tried scuba diving in Davao. I also tried riding this sling shot ride in Singapore na super tinatapun-tapon at binabato ka nang mabilis sa taas. Super fun pero nakakahilo rin.

When you were playing volleyball for UP, who was the toughest opponent?
For me, it was De La Salle University. They really have tall players who were strong both on defense and offense. I don’t play volleyball now since I got injured in 2009.

What happened?
My right ankle was dislocated, all tissues and ligaments were torn, as in kahit isa walang natira, punit lahat. Tapos super nag-letter L yung paa ko that time. I got it from one of our trainings during a practice game, when I stepped on one of my teammates’ feet. It was a really a bad fall.

And that had you re-order your priorities.
I was really disappointed. I cried for many months because I really wanted to play for my last year, pero hindi ako umabot at super naging weak yung ankle ko. I can’t even do ramp modeling now wearing super high heels. Later, I realized that the injury was really a blessing in disguise. Yung career na super love ko nawala pero napalitan ng panibagong career, which is showbiz. So far, I really enjoy hosting and acting,though I prefer hosting more.

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