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Jenn Bustillos - September 2011

Who can forget Jennifer Bustillos, that sweet, teenybopper-looking girlfriend slash girl-next-door we had in these pages way back? Who will believe us if we told you that this is her now
by Ronjay Eduvas | Sep 14, 2011
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Are you really the same Jennifer Bustillos we met before? Aren’t we making a mistake here?
Hindi ba ako yun? Ha ha! Of course it’s me. Why, have I changed?

You look all woman now.
I am. That’s because baby pa ako when we had our last shoot. I was 20 or 21 back then. Now I’m 24!

You said we caused quite a stir after your first shoot came out. How did you handle the situation?
Hindi ko lang ipinagkalat pa lalo. Nagulat na lang ako na ang daming nagte-text sa akin. Friendster pa nga lang ang uso at the time, andaming nag-post ng testimonial sa profile ko, ha ha! Sabi nila, binoto rin daw nila ako sa Girls Next Door, something like that. Meron ding mga naiinggit, pinapalaki yung issue. Pero marami ring natuwa.

What did you tell the haters?
I told them it was my first time, and if I was going to do a sexy shoot, it had to be with
people I trust. I trusted FHM and I knew I’d be proud of whatever the outcome would be.

Do you think things would’ve been different had you not posed for this rag? Would you have been, say, in a monastery now?
I think things would’ve been the same. Ako pa rin yung Jenn na pa-sweet but who knows how to have fun. I remember I said gimikera ako noon. Gimikera pa rin ako ngayon. Ha ha!

What have you been up to since you finished school?
I worked for two years for big companies. I resigned just recently to focus on business. I’m into designing shoes and retailing beauty and health products. I also want to go back into modeling, do it on the side.

Do you tell your clients that you’re an FHM babe?
No. Ha ha! They’d be surprised to know.

Tell us more about your business. How exactly do you design a shoe from scratch?
I draw inspiration from high-end brands. But my designs are elegant and expensive-looking but are affordable compared to those brands. For every style, I make just three pairs so wala kang kapareho masyado. Usually nga right after kong gawin, mabibili na bigla, hindi na malalagay sa display.

Any tips to our readers on how to buy shoes for their ladies?
First, it should look sexy on her feet. Second, check the materials. May materials na nakakaputi tignan sa paa or bagay sa skin tone niya. Then, comfort. Even if it’s high heels, she should feel comfortable in them.

Aside from shoes, what else makes you feel sexy?
Here we go again. Ha ha! I really like going to bars. I feel sexy when I’m dancing in the club, when I’m a bit tipsy.

Do you dance seductively?
Not really seductively. Maybe sexy. But I still don’t dance with anyone. Just with my girl friends or by myself. I’m okay with that. Yung guys, hanggang tingin lang talaga.

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