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Jenny-lyn - October 2008

<p>Cebu City's first Paseo-FHM Babe is now a hot national property</p>
| Sep 29, 2008
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Paseo Food and Entertainment Center and Night Market is as grand as it sounds—located at the epicenter of Cebu City’s gimik district, it is a leisure hub surrounded with more than 20 restobars and night-shopping stalls, and can house up to 5,000 party people (think Tiendesitas’ food court or a really packed NBC Tent). The think tanks behind it generate the grandest ideas, too. Last summer they hooked up with FHM for a Cebu-wide search for the first-ever Paseo-FHM Babe. Brilliant. So to the south we flew to view in the flesh eight finalists, and picked the three finest Cebu gems and hied off with them to a nearby island for a photo-shoot. You’ll see all of them in the coming months. In the mean time, meet this year’s top of the class…

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