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Jeri Lee - October 2013

How would you like to go voyeur on Jeri Lee?
by Ash Mahinay | Nov 27, 2013
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You’ve pretty much taken over the world in terms of import modeling. What would you like to do next?
Well, I’m in the process of putting up my own business. Actually, there are two things that I want to do but I’m going to keep it confidential and wait for you to check it out, so I can’t really say anything!

So when can we expect you back here with the big announcement?
I really don’t want to leave this place! It’s so nice here. I’ll try to come every year. I know that next year I want to be in the town fiesta in Zambales with my family. I’m hoping and praying to take my mom and my brother here. My mom hasn’t been here since 1995—or when I was in fifth grade! And my brother’s never been here, I would love to bring them home.

Will you be rolling up in a hot ride? We assume you like cars...
No, of course not, ha ha! Yes, I do love cars and I have my favorites. I’m really into Skylines, then I had an Audi A3 at one time–it wasn’t fixed up or anything, though. My favorite Euro car, though, is the Porsche Cayenne.

European exotics, domestic muscle, or Japanese imports: Which one would you prefer?
I like the first and third.

How about when it comes to the guy equivalent? What kind do you go for?
I go for my kind! My boyfriend is a Filipino. He’s 6 feet…or maybe 6’1”. He’s tall, he has a great-looking body, and he’s built like a football player. Mm-hmm, ha ha!

Aside from the car stuff, are you a girly girl?
I love Hello Kitty! I’ve loved her since the day I was born. I like pink nail polish. I love girly girl makeup. I love shopping sometimes. And I love getting my hair and makeup done.

Do you ever think about settling down here for good?
I wouldn’t really mind. I was born and raised in California so it was always the same thing every day. Asia’s awesome. I love this side of the world. There are so many opportunities here and you meet so many great new people and I just love being here. Like they say, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” and I do believe that.

It’s a normal night. What’s up?
I like to hang out at home even if I’m out of the country. I just like to sit back and relax, watch TV, eat. If I’m at home, I’m with my boyfriend and my dog, Dinosaur—he’s a cute little pug.

No getting frisky in bed maybe?
I respect my boyfriend, so...I guess, take a guess, ha ha!


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