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Jeri Lee - June 2012

Worry-free is how we describe the current state of FHM habitue Jeri Lee
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 20, 2012
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You’ve done so many sexy shoots before. What other looks or styles would you like to play around with for the next time?
Whenever I’m here I always contact you guys or photographers I’ve worked with before. I love shooting no matter what set or theme I have going for me! Hmm, surprise me next time. Ha ha!

You came over here for Hot Import Night. How was the crowd?
So many Pinoys at the show! I had to look back at my photos that I took. Seriously, it was like thousands. It was a packed house! It was a great event for HIN Manila.

In a crowd like that, how do you deal with guys who come on too strong? How do you prefer to be approached?
I give them a weird look. Ha ha! Respect is what matters, whether it’s a man or woman approaching me. It’s all about respect!

We hear you. You’re Filipina but you live in the States. Is there any culture shock when you come visit?
Well, coming to the Philippines, of course it’s very, very different from America. Filipino food is so much better back in the motherland. Come on, real Filipinos cooking real Filipino food. You have got to love all that fat and grease! Now, that’s love. Going back to our province in Zambales, my family always tries to feed me. They think I’m too skinny and I need to eat more. I’m a fat kid at heart, and I do eat a lot. So when I’m there, I eat three meals a day, and I have merienda time. At home, I skip breakfast because I wake up late or I eat late breakfast when it’s supposed to be lunchtime. It’s the Filipino culture to always feed and always eat. Ha ha!
We can’t imagine not eating merienda.

What about Pinoy guys? Are you old school with courtship or like making the first move?
I’m very happily taken. My boyfriend is Filipino; born in the PI, but raised in the States. Actually it’s a funny story: two years ago I was in the PI and we were both here for a mutual friend’s wedding. And I guess the alcohol in me made me attracted to this guy and he’s my boyfriend now. That’s how it all started. I made the first move and I’ve been happy ever since! Ha ha!

Since you’re on vacation here, can you tell us the craziest or most memorable thing Jeri Lee’s ever done on any vacation?
I’ve been all over the world. I love traveling. I’m a jet setter. So wherever I end up, the
experiences that I have and endure, I always make sure that they are memorable. Crazy or not, just being in another country is just already that much memorable.

Even a seasoned jetsetter like you must have a bucket list. What’s on yours?
I never knew that I would be where I am at right now. I am very, very blessed that I can travel the world to see and do things that people can never or don’t want to do in their lifetime! I thank the Lord everyday for my blessings and my supportive family and friends. There’s still so much to see in this world. And I still would like to travel to some of those places. I already have marked the countries I’ve been to. There’s still more to add on my list.

Other than traveling, any new passions we’d be interested to hear about?
Well, when I was a kid I did play the piano. Ha ha! As of now, I love to cook! I’m a great cook. No culinary experience; I’m not a top chef. But I love to cook! I cook for my family, my boyfriend, and also for my friends.

Fun-loving girl you are, but we’re pretty sure you’ve been though your share of struggles. What hard-earned lesson do you live your life by?
Be humble and thankful for the things you have and do in life. And always remember to smile. And it is okay to cry sometimes.

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Photography: Aaron Ebio
Interview: Mich R. Lagdameo
Makeup: Julie Ebio
Special thanks to Mish
Swimwear and Diane Huynh
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