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Leia Fuze - Girls of FHM October 2009

<p>Not barely, as Leia Fuze is a complete woman with all the right assets. And should we mention currently enrolled in law school?</p>
| Oct 14, 2009
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You’re part Chinese and part French—are you enjoying your gorgeous genes?

Most people’s first impression is that I’m of mixed ethnicity, but even though I might seem Eurasian, I’m genetically a hundred percent Chinese. Both my parents are from China and immigrated to France. I was born in France, had a French education and lived in France, hence I’m undoubtedly more French. However, I am conscious and proud of my roots. I’m thankful to my parents who helped me retain my heritage. I can speak both languages fluently.

And English.
Yes, and English. Ha ha!

What takes up most of your time in France?
I’m currently studying law in Paris. I hope to someday reaffirm the real values of justice, values that nowadays seem to me to have been corrupted. I’m very concerned of what happens around us domestically and internationally. On a daily basis there occur numerous horrors and violations of fundamental human rights and people meet them with deep indifference. I find that people are ignorant or simply don’t care because they feel it doesn’t affect them or it’s not happening to them so it’s none of their concern. I feel that because I’m living a comfortable life, I should be able to help.

That kind of makes us feel guilty. Do you carry that much conviction with you on a daily basis?
Ha ha! I’m sorry. It’s not really a conviction, I’m a perfectionist who thinks that I can always do better. But I’m also very impulsive and I often let my instincts and feelings guide me. These, however, never help me find my keys, ha ha ha!


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