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Linda Persson - January 2012

Ultimate Premiere Vixen Linda Persson shows exactly why she’s the last woman standing
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jan 4, 2012
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We always thought you’d fare well in a shoot like this.
It was fun! It was dirty but fun. The location looks like an abandoned hospital so it was really old and dirty in there. I didn’t mind, though. I can always take a shower after.

Makes us wonder what you wouldn’t do for a photo shoot. Maybe next time we’d shoot you with reptiles or something. Would you be okay with that?
I wouldn’t do? I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for a photo shoot! Yes! Reptiles are okay, as long as they wont bite me or have diseases or anything like that.

Seems like you aren’t afraid of anything, then.
Well, I may be a little afraid but it’s going to be for a picture. So as long as the picture comes out looking good, I’m okay with anything.

Evidence of which we’ve seen from the many, many Vixens photo shoots you’ve already done. Which one was your favorite?
There were so many I can’t remember them all! Ha ha! We did a shoot in an air hangar, then a burlesque-themed one…but the most memorable one would probably be the one today! Ha ha!

So what’s it like being part of the Vixens?
It was a new experience for me because I haven’t been a part of any competition before. It was fun; it was a great experience and I’m happy I did it. And I won; so let’s see what else happens from here.

Did you go into the competition thinking you were going to win it? Come on, you can tell us. Maybe you had some behind-the-scenes catfights with the other girls you want to tell us about?
No, I was actually really surprised! I didn’t even think I would make it to the Top 12. Then things kept going and it all went well. No, not at all, nothing like that! We’re all friends.

What do you think made you bring home the prize?
Maybe it’s because I’m a little bit different. I’m from a different country, so my way of thinking is not the same as most Filipinos. Filipinos are actually friendlier than the people in Sweden. I like it more here because of that, but the way Filipinos think about certain things is totally different from the Swedish, especially about big issues like abortion and stuff like that.

Serious stuff, indeed. Okay, let us ask you about your take on some issues that Pinoys debate about. What is Linda Persson’s POV on, say, divorce?
I think that’s okay. My parents are divorced. Or course, a marriage should last, but if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Bad things do happen and in that case it should be allowed and accepted to separate.

Hear, hear. So we take it you’re not the traditional big-wedding, romantic type of girl? Any plans of settling down soon?
I don’t know yet. I’m only 20 years old so I really don’t know! Ha ha! No, I’m not really traditional that way. I don’t think that getting married is such a huge thing. If you love someone, you love him no matter what. It doesn’t matter if it’s written on a piece of paper or if you’re wearing a pair of rings. That shouldn’t matter.

Thank you for saying that, Linda. We hope our girlfriends were listening. Moving on, here’s another serious question for you: Do you feel sexier with clothes on or without?
I think I’m sexier with clothes. Maybe just a torn-up pair of jeans and a simple white top; I’m not really into dressing up. My image when it comes to clothes is, like, black and rock-ish, which is also why I really like the way today’s photos look.

With clothes or off, we can’t help but admire your shapely frame. Do you work on it or are you one of those lucky models who eat whatever they want?
Yes, I work out. At the gym I usually run on the treadmill. I also do sit-ups. I do as much I can in the gym. But yes, I am naturally slim. But I actually started gaining weight when I arrived here in the Philippines.

Which we totally cannot spot any evidence of. So what have you been indulging on here in our food-crazy nation?
KFC! Ha ha! There’s no KFC in Sweden. We only have, like, one Starbucks. And even that’s in the airport. So there’s no Starbucks, no Jollibee, no KFC. That chicken is really good!

We couldn’t agree more. So we hear you’ve been traveling recently.
I was recently in Malaysia to shoot a game show coming out this January. It will show a totally different side of me because there’s no nudity. It’s like Wipeout.

Interesting. So showbiz is starting beckon already? Will we soon see some hidden talents?
Well, let’s see how it goes. No! I can’t sing! Ha ha! I actually haven’t thought about it yet. But people tell me that I need to be able to speak Filipino and I really can’t do so yet. But I can already understand the basics. So let’s see how it all goes.

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