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Maica Palo - July 2013

Maica Palo says she’s the biggest fan of that cute Jap cat. If she purred looking like this, you’d be jumping in her litter
by B.A. Borleo | Jul 3, 2013
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We stalked your Facebook fan page and saw the many events you’ve modeled for. Do you get to choose your gigs or do you just take them all?
Of course I get to choose. But I take most of the gigs. Especially those that aren’t very hard to do. Remember, opportunities come to those who take initiative.

What’s the craziest event you’ve been to?
A Premiere event in Cagayan De Oro with Kristine Santamena, Dorina Groh, and Akiko. We had a fashion show at a bar, and for the last segment we were supposed to look wet, so nagbasaan kami sa backstage! Ha ha ha! We enjoyed that night so much that I didn’t even remember that we were working.

Your kind of modeling entails a lot of standing. How can you endure all that? And how big are your calf muscles?
Actually, it’s very hard to stand for a long time especially when I’m wearing heels. I usually just sit down during my breaks to rest my feet.

And how do you muster smiles when you’re bombarded by annoying event-goers? You know, those touchy, “Ate, pwede pa-kiss?” types?
Ha ha! There will always be people who want to take a picture with you. But I haven’t been asked for a kiss yet. Siyempre bawal yon at hindi naman ako papayag sa ganun. Marami rin yung nagtatanong kung pwedeng umakbay sa akin for a picture, and okay lang naman sa akin yon. Pero pag may kasama kaming bouncer sa event, bawal talaga. Smiling is part of the job. It’s natural for me to smile every time.

Where does all this work you’re doing lead to? We mean, what do you like splurging on?
Halos lahat yata ng naipon ko pinambili ko ng Hello Kitty. I’m such a fan that I buy anything that has “Hello Kitty” on it. Ha ha!

Ah yes, we saw that on your Facebook page. So how many HK undies do you have?
I have five: in pink, gray, red, blue, and white! I’m the biggest Hello Kitty fan ever! Ha ha!


Photography Niko Villegas of Edge Of Light for Fujifilm X Pro-1  Styling Pat Ragadio or StyleList Inc.

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