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Maria Herrera - July 2007

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| Jul 18, 2007
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How was the shoot?
You know, I was so excited I forgot to eat the whole day. Ha ha ha! I felt butterflies before we started kasi you tend to get self-conscious doing pictorials like these. Pero after a few sets, naging comfortable na ako. That’s when I gave it my all. Lahat ng poses na alam ko ginawa ko na for you guys.

Did the stars made you that pretty?
Well, maybe. Who knows? Ha ha ha! I’m born under the sign of Cancer and it just amazes me that all the descriptions astrologers say about Cancereans fit me perfectly. I read my horoscope daily; to me, it’s there to guide us lang and not to dictate our life. So there’s really no harm naman if you follow it.

You gave us really great poses for this shoot. Are you a pro at this?
I’m not exactly a pro naman. I just like to look at the mirror and dance in front of it. That’s how I learn my moves and sort out the angles that’s right for me.

Do you practice posing all the time?
Yeah! Although there are also some personalities that really inspire me a lot, like high-profile models and also Angelina Jolie. I love her lips and her free-spirited nature. She goes after what she wants without worrying about what other people might say.

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