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Marie -Claude Bourbonnais - February 2012

Canadian model and cosplayer Marie-Claude Bourbonnais gives new meaning to tight costumes
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 29, 2012
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You do a lot of cosplay and comic book character modeling. What’s your motivation behind dressing up for the cameras?
I dress up to improve my skills first and also to please my fans and supporters. It’s cool to make costumes that people request for you to wear! I don’t worry too much about shooting my costumes right now because I want to find the right concepts and locations firsts.

Any favorite characters?
I have to say I really like the more complicated ones, those that require sewing, sculpting, molding, and painting. It’s an enjoyable processes. Right now, my favorite costumes are both my spandex and latex Rainbow Mika [a character in Street Fighter 3 Alpha] costumes. I think I’ve done a pretty good job on them and they are spot-on.

How do fanboys usually react when they see you in the comic conventions you attend?
People are always nice to me. Sometimes they are a little shocked by my figure and react in different funny ways, but usually they are really polite and admire my costumes. The fun thing is to get called by my first name by people I’ve never met! They follow my career online and sometimes even attend conventions just to meet me.

You seem to enjoy flaunting your body by donning skimpy outfits.
I’m just getting out of being a really shy girl. I don’t dress up to shock people, I just dress up to feel good. It just happens to be really sexy though.

But you also look comfortable posing nude.
I just feel great in front of a camera. Also, I got enough positive feedback about the way I look now to have more self-confidence and I know that people will like what they see.

Does your confidence translate in the bedroom as well?
I don’t talk that much, but I know what to do. Guys would probably say that I’m a really good date.

According to our research, you like pro-wrestling and that you were even a guest in some small shows in Canada. What to you is pro-wrestling’s hook?
It’s a pretty new interest of mine, it’s a part of my cosplay evolution. I dress up as different characters and try to become a little like them. I trained and learned wrestling techniques to feel natural in my Rainbow Mika costume. Plus, the guys there were kind enough to help me develop personalized moves like Mika’s butt attack!
We heard you’re also a fan of the beach. What is your ideal beach getaway?
Hot weather, sun, palm trees, and good food—swimsuit is optional! I’m from Quebec, Canada, where the winters are really cold but I never got used to it. I’d rather sweat and get wet than freeze. I would like to tour a couple of weeks in an exotic location and enjoy the
weather and the view.

We’re sure that while on the beach you get a lot of come-ons from the male populace. What’s the lamest you’ve experienced so far?
I got kicked out of a beach one day because somebody complained about my bathing suit being
too small. Obviously the troublemaker was an older woman and not a guy.

Do you have a fetish of some sort?
I like costumes a lot. I wear them in my personal life and in public as well. It’s probably the only thing that’s closest to having a fetish. That and the fact that I like big boobs.

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