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Melody Wolffis - FHM Erotica May 2008

<p>Melody Wolfiss</p>
| May 22, 2008
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Interview: JANELLE D. GUCE

You were quite pleased with the shoot. A veteran at the job, we presume…

This is actually my first time. I never thought I could do it but it was a blast. I loved putting on the different outfits. Before this, my friends and I would just play dress-up and have bunch of makeup on.

So that’s what happens during sleepovers. Looking back, did you regret everything you’ve said about the dorks?

Ha ha! High school was just really typical and you were still immature and did crazy stuff. But when I went to college, everything changed because you start thinking about yourself mostly.

Does that mean Asians can be popular in school, too, in that part of the world? We’ve heard a lot of stories of discrimination.
Yes. I lived in a white neighborhood in the States but I was treated like a normal lady. I feel great that I have lots of friends and that I am friends with everyone.

As cheerleader, did you ever get to be on top of the pyramid?
Yes! And it was always a blast to do that. It’s like you are on top of the world and you rule the whole school. But I didn’t want to be out there for anybody. It was all about fun and I didn’t really mind what people would say.

Aside from the pyramid, what was your favorite stunt?
The flyer. It was amazing then, but I’m afraid of heights now. Maybe I’m just out of practice but I feel so lame!
Describe the guy you went out with in high school.

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