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Melyssa Grace - September 2013

Fil-German babe Melyssa Grace knows a thing or two about being fast and furious
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 11, 2013
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What took you so long to appear in our pages?
I’ve been busy driving. Most of my time has been dedicated to car stuff like building a racecar and competing in Formula Drift Pro-Am competitions in California.

We do know you’ve gotten in touch with your Pinay roots, but have you made an effort to discover your German side as well?
No, I haven't. Not yet. Visiting Germany is definitely on my to-do list though. I've been to almost every other European country except Germany. Weird, huh? Hopefully I'll book a gig in Germany soon. Holler at me FHM Germany!

Filipinos and Germans couldn’t be more different from each other. How do you embrace both?
My mother is Filipina and my father is German. I grew up in Hawaii, which has a nice mix of Asians and Pacific islanders and I just knew I was Filipina and white. Half and half. A lot of families are mixed in my way, so it was natural. I didn't know any Germans. I still don't to this day. Well, maybe except my dad, but I don't think I'm anything like him.

You once said you want to open your own sushi restaurant someday. Is the dream still alive?
I no longer want to do sushi, ha ha! I want to design dresses and stunt drive cars.

We figured! How did this whole fascination with fast cars start?

I started modeling in the import scene and it opened doors to cars and people in the industry who could help me learn how to drift and race.

You’ve also done your share of drifting. How do you even pull this off?
You must make time for your passion. I designate days for track practice, days for modeling gigs or filming, and days to sit in the office and work on my dress line.

Would you know how to change tires and fix dents if you see one?
Change wheels, yes. Dents, no. I don't do bodywork. I just drive, mostly.

What kind of other adrenaline-pumping hobbies are you into?
I do yoga. That is definitely blood pumping, but missing the adrenaline. I also appear on a reality show called Roll Models, which can be seen on the Loud Channel on YouTube. That fills my life with some adrenaline. Lots of silliness and drama!

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