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Moana Sarann - May 2007

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| May 23, 2007
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To where do we owe the honor of having a former Miss World finalist gracing our rag?
I’m from the French Caribbean and FHM is a pretty famous magazine in all of Europe. It has featured very famous and respectable ladies before. Also, I believe that expressing your own sensuality is not taboo. I have no problem with that. And it’s a good magazine. I love the magazine; it’s a mix of sex appeal and attitude. It also helps flesh out every girl’s character.

Have you had the chance to see our local version, though?

Of course. Before I decided to do FHM Philippines, I looked at it. I find that it’s a nice magazine that’s why I did this shoot.

Thanks! We understand you’re not exactly a fan of skimpy pictorials.

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