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Monica Mendoza - February 2012

Monica Mendoza is ready for her close-up.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 15, 2012
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How did you start modeling?
I just posted pictures on my Facebook account.

That really works?
Haha! It did for me!

Were they taken in Paris? Were you wearing designer lingerie? Who took it?
Ha ha! No! They’re actually just your average profile picture. It’s just me wearing this white T-shirt, which I took myself —yes, it was just one picture. I used to attend go-sees but nothing really happened. So I stopped doing that and didn’t think much of modeling anymore. But after creating a Facebook account, things changed. Someone got in touch with me asking me if I wanted to be a model. Of course I did a background check on the guy and even brought my mom with me to meet him. But yes, here I am.

Did you get nervous at all?
Not really. I was actually more conscious of my weight so I went on a diet. I put on pounds rather easily. I like eating all the unhealthy stuff!

Like what?
Fries, sodas, pizzas—your basic food groups! Ha ha! I’m seriously addicted to those instant pancit cantons. I can cook three packs and finish it in one sitting!

Our kind of girl! You have a boyfriend?
None at the moment. I went through a year of serious relationship. Not going through that again. Ha ha!

Wait till he sees this spread.
I really don’t give a shit. Ha ha! I am just happy to be doing this. Things have been coming up roses for me and I really don’t need the negativity.

Are you expecting more admirers after this photo shoot?
Bring them on!

What do you want to ultimately come out of your modeling career?
I’m really looking at this long-term. I aim to diversify and continue to challenge myself and not go into a routine. I also plan on going back to school. I’m just about to take a college degree.

And what will that be?
Education. I love teaching. Plus, we never run out of demand for teachers. Kawawa kasi yung mga kids.

I really have a soft heart. I can’t help but feel sad when I see homeless people wandering about.

What type of guy would pass your standards? Homeless?
I’m not really picky. I just hate cocky guys. And liars. And players. But I think they’re everywhere. Ha ha!

That’s not entirely true.
I’ve had three boyfriends. Lahat sila manloloko

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