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Nadine Lopez - June 2011

business, possible fame and these sheets—while you imagine yourself in it

by Ronjay Eduvas | Jun 8, 2011
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We had you pose topless in some of the photos. Was it easier because you were in the bedroom?
Yes, madali kasi closed-door siya, so madali ko nagagawa yung gusto kong pose. And I always feel sexy on a bed! Ha ha!

Would it have made a difference if you had to be naked in an open field?
In an open field? It’s still a yes. As long as maganda yung kalalabasan. I will take that chance. What I know is, I can carry myself outdoor or indoor man yung shoot. Being sexy is an expression kung gaano ko pinapahalagahan yung sarili ko, it will show.

And we’re liking what we see, including your hair.
Ha ha ha, my hair? I have a salon located in Pasig kaya winner yung hair ko. We do both men and women. If you drop by and visit bibigyan ko kayo ng discount! Ha ha!

Men like long hair, but does that have some special use during sexytime?
I guess oo, but not really, kasi ma-appeal nga talaga pag mahaba ang buhok. But still, once nandun na kayo nasa performance na ninyong dalawa yun nag re-rely to satisfy each other, so ako ginagalingan ko talaga! Ha ha! Joke lang. The most powerful thing about me really is my eyes and my sweetness. Before sex, siyempre I want to know a person well muna.

So if they were to get to know you on a first date, where should they take you?
Sa tabing dagat. And well, basta yun na yun!

Should the two of you be drinking?
Drinking alcohol sounds good, so we can unwind and can take away some stress, kasi for me masarap makipagkuwentuhan na may alcohol, kaya cheers!

Should it be a night time thing or an all-day affair?
Night time date. For me romantic yung ganun at kinikilig na ako just thinking about it. Ha ha!

So you actually enjoy dates.
Yes, I still want dating pa rin. Kasi when they woo you… ang sarap lang ng feeling, that date feeling, parang prinsesa ka.

What about the sexual part of it? Do you like unwittingly sending sexual signals to men, even when they aren’t good-looking, or potentially sleazy?
To be honest, sometimes I like it because I feel flattered. It’s nice to know na may ganun ka palang hatak. But it all depends on my mood. I guess some men wouldn’t understand so much.

What do you like most about being female?
Girls are so powerful—that’s my own opinion. I’m one of the best examples kasi breadwinner ako ng family ko. I’m a businesswoman, but I’m not a regular businesswoman either. I’m confident
to say that I’m sexy. When it comes to kakulitan I guess I’m No. 1. Ayaw ko ng dull moments. Gusto ko laging happy lalo na kapag kasama ko ang friends ko. I want everything to be the best! And to live life to the fullest!

And living a healthy sex life to the fullest?
It’s a big yes!

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