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Natalia Moon - September 2013

The <em>"Pusong Bato</em>"-singing Aussie wonder Natalia Moon has got us smitten <br /><br />
by Khyne Palumar | Sep 25, 2013
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You’re one of the few women we’ve shot who expressedly asked for a bum shot. Is that your favorite body part, or just your most photogenic one?
Well, hence Natalia…“Moon,” ha ha ha! Just putting it out there! But yeah, I mean, I worked out hard for this so I might as well get a nice shot!

How much does it measure?
It’s 32. The rest of my measurements are 32-23-32.

We also hear you just had your birthday, and you’re a Gemini. What do they say about Geminis?
Apparently, we have six personalities. But I think everyone’s got their secret side. Mine would be that I’m a workaholic. I learn things really fast. I learned the guitar, the piano, music production. I’m always looking to do more.

Is that why you landed local TV gigs pretty quick? Not everyone who comes from Australia can just move out here and hack showbiz.
Well, initially I came here more for a holiday. I did acting school in Australia and Canada, then I went to L.A. and did a bit of school there as well, but things weren’t going as planned. Eventually I moved and tried to find work here, and then I was lucky enough to audition for TV5 last year for the Gaga girls.

It seemed just recently that your group was all over TV5.
TV5 came first. We were in Game N Go with Joey de Leon. And then we did Pinoy Explorer with Aga Muhlach, which was awesome. From there we started to get more guestings. We also did Wiltime—we were contestants, and danced and sang, and did all sorts of stuff.  

But the Gaga girls are no more. It’s just you now, right?
Yeah, the other girls have gone back to their own countries now.

And you’re doing less dancing, more singing now.
I love dancing, but singing and acting I feel are more exciting. I started playing guitar, and I wrote a Tagalog song. A Taglish song called “Forevermore, Dito Lang Ako.” I used to be really nervous singing. But now I can go onstage and be, like, “Ka-pag si-na-bi ko Natalia, sa-bi-hin niyo Moon!” Ha ha! Currently I’m in the middle of releasing two albums: one’s pop and the other’s R&B.

Do we need to have special conversational skills to get your attention?
I like someone who’s funny. I mean it’s not hard to make me laugh, even if they’re crappy jokes.

And in the sack, what do guys need to do to impress you?
Oh okay, well they have to be a good stripper. Ha ha! No, I mean I like spontaneous and funny. And I like a guy who takes control.

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