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Nathalie Hayashi and Jahziel Manabat - July 2012

Nathalie Hayashi and Jahziel Manabat have got something special going. But it's for them to tell.
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 18, 2012
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Nathalie Hayashi

Looking like you do, it’s no doubt you’re a model. But have you always wanted to be one?
I would be a hypocrite if I said I never wanted to be a model. Of course I did! I’m actually an FHM collector myself and I like seeing pretty and sexy girls in the magazine, but I never said to
myself I would be like them someday. But I do like pictures! I go to malls just to have my picture taken professionally, just to display in my room or to give away to friends, not to make a portfolio or anything. Ha ha!

We’re used to shooting girls who say they’re pretty free-spirited and liberal but are actually secretly  conservative. We’re guessing you’re not one of them?
No doubt about it. I’m liberated because when I’m already in that situation I can’t help but to try anything. Yes, I mean trying new things when it comes to sex. Ha ha!

Well, you did admit that sex is a hobby of yours. We suppose we can ask how you like it, then?
If it’s with someone special, of course I like it to be very romantic and memorable. But it’s not always easy. My ex-boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship, which meant we only got
to do it every three to five months, so we often did it over Skype. Ha ha! I have a toy and use it a lot. Ha ha!

But what if it isn’t “someone special”? Are you open to the idea of one-night stands or having a FuBu?
I’m not against it. I used to party a lot, but I’m very shy when it comes to approaching guys. But when I really like a guy, I tell myself that I really have to do it, so one time I did! I thought it would end up as a one-night stand, but he texted me after and we became FuBus for a couple of months, so I’ve never really had just a one-night stand because the boys always come back for more. Ha ha!

A very bold statement we won’t disagree with. What are some of the most daring things you’ve done in the sack?
My most daring escapade would probably be that time an ex and I attempted to do it on a Ferris wheel in Japan, and when we did it in a Japanese motel. His friend had to stay with us on the couch pretending to be asleep. He couldn’t leave because Japanese motels have this technology that everything stays locked until you pay the bill, and we didn’t know how to use the paying machine. Ha ha!

That story is definitely Premiere Vixen-worthy. Congratulations on making it to the top 10. Other than winning the tilt, of course, what other dreams do you have brewing?
I have lots of things I want to do, like set up a business or get a nice stable job after modeling, maybe something in marketing. I’m very dedicated and hardworking. And of course, have a family someday.

Jahziel Manabat

We take it you enjoyed the shoot?
It was super nice and feeling ko nakakalibog siya.

Nakakalibog—for you or us?
Eh kasi di ba, two hot girls na almost naked. I think kahit sino malilibugan. Ha ha ha!

Speaking of which, you and Nathalie are both well-endowed. But who has bigger breasts, you or her?
I’m not sure. Hindi ko nasukat eh. Ha ha!

You’ve also both been Premiere Vixens, but not at the same time…
I was in the first batch of Vixens, and I think third yata si Nathalie.

Did this mean you jived because of a no kiyeme approach to taking clothes off?
Wala talaga akong kiyeme-kiyeme, even from before, and even now actually. But when I was auditioning for Pinoy Big Brother, and paglabas ko sa bahay ni Kuya, parang gusto kong mag-tame down a bit.

But here you are.
Yes, binabalik-balikan ko talaga—ewan ko kung bakit! Ha ha ha!

If, for example, you were as attracted to Nathalie as we are to both of you, which part of her body would you consider kissing? Other than her lips?
Hmmm... If I were you? I think sa neck. Tapos papunta sa boobs siguro. Ha ha!

And which part of yours would you let her kiss?
Aba, go! Kahit saan! Hindi ako choosy. Ha ha ha!

Of course you’re also busy with things other than kissing. We hear you’re acting?
I’ve been doing workshops sa ABS-CBN. Nagbabalak sana maging serious actress—charot! Hindi, I’m trying din kasi sayang naman yung opportunity.

Naturally, that “freshness” still gets you guys looking to share your time. What three rules should a guy observe to take you out?
Wag masyadong assuming. Be yourself. Basta wag siyang masyado seryoso, kasi kalog ako.

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Photography: Jerico Montemayor of Illuminati for
Interview: Mich R. Lagdameo and Khyne Palumar
Styling: Carol Concepcion (Nathalie) and Chel Yuson (Jahziel)
Makeup: Rhina Montemayor (
Hair: Klick Victoria
BMW Z3 Courtesy of DMD Customs Paint and Bodyworks (0915-8989486);
Special thanks to Studio 54, Neil Ramirez, and Maui Juico; Shot on location at Sandari, Batulao; Visit sandaribatulao. com
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