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Nathalie Hayashi - August 2010

She likes Ozawa!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 4, 2010
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You’re half-Japanese, but why don’t you look like Iwa Moto and Nina Kodaka?
I don’t know. Mas malakas siguro yung Filipino blood ko.

But you got that fair, glowing skin from your Jap dad, right?
Siguro. I’ve been told na maganda nga raw ang skin ko. I also get noticed because of my butt. It’s nice and big daw.

You mentioned you like Maria Ozawa. If given a chance, can you also do a Maria Ozawa?
You mean, do a porn video? I don’t know… Ha ha ha! I’ll think about it. Pero definitely hindi dito [Philippines]. At lalong hindi ko rin kaya sa Japan! But she’s really my idol. Kasi ang galing-galing niya.

Can you mimic her “abilities”?
Oo naman. Kami kasi—my boyfriend and I—we like experimenting. We love hentai and we use sex toys also. Nagro-role-playing and fantasy rin kami. Siyempre, you have to make your sex life interesting. It’s an element of a good relationship. Bihira rin kasi kaming magkita. He’s out of the country most of the time. So whenever he’s here, I try to make his stay worthwhile, comfortable and memorable. It’s great for a relationship when you always find it interesting and exciting. So pag nandito siya, sinu-surprise ko siya. Like one time, nag-lap dance ako before we had sex.

How far has your “experimenting” been?
Let’s just say, as of yet, I am still a backdoor virgin, ha ha!

Say you’re single and a guy wants your attention, what does the guy has to do to get you interested with him?
Siyempre, una muna yung physical [attraction]. Sino ba naman ang di muna tumitingin sa physical appearance? But everything changes when you start talking and knowing the guy. Kailangan may personality din. If you’re really good looking, but aside from that there’s nothing else that’s interesting, wala na.

And when a guy finally gets you interested and things lead to exploring more of each other, what does the guy have to do to get your motor running?
You mean to turn me on? He has to pay attention to my legs: touch it, kiss it, then kiss higher, ha ha! No, really, having my legs touched turns me on.

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