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Nika Madrid - August 2009

Nika Madrid is back! And she looks like she needs a little help with her suitcase!
| Aug 5, 2009
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Not a lot of people got to see Blind Side, being from a small production and all, so what was the film about?
It’s about a blind girl—ako po yun—na ni-rape ng character ni Andrew Schimmer. Andun din si Raja Montero. Hot nga raw po kasi may breast exposure kami roon, ha ha!

So who’s hotter: Raja or you?

Ay, ayoko pong magsalita. Best friend ko po yun.

But she’s got loaded front panels. What about you?
Sabi po nila may height naman daw po ako, at yung smile ko…

So you’re saying you just flash you smile and you get all those men worked up?
Yung boyfriend ko rin po kasi ang sabi niya, gusto niya sa akin yung smile ko. Sexy raw.

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