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Nikita Esco - July 2012

A beast in the sheets is how French-Chinese dynamite dancer Nikita Esco describes herself. Of course she has the moves!<br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 2, 2012
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You’ve made quite a reputation as a go-go dancer. How did you get into it?
I've always had a passion for dance. Growing up I took classes in jazz and ballet for basics. Then when I was old enough, I went to nightclubs. I loved dancing to music but hated dancing in large crowds—I'm a little claustrophobic and need my space—so go-go dancing just seemed right. It also totally helped that my big brother, Ting, was one of the hottest nightclub promoters in Seattle at the time. Since then I've been dancing all over the world.

We also heard you do Chinese cultural dancing—which is literally a world apart from go-go.  
My mother was a famous dancer from Taiwan. She always believed it was important to know about your heritage. Every Chinese folk dance is different and tells a story about China's history. To me it was just another way to express myself and tell a story to everyone and anyone who would watch. I also do Zumba—I love any kind of high cardio workout that gets you pumped up and moving.  

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You look a lot like a Filipina. Are you sure you’re not one of us?
Thank you! That's a total compliment to me. But no, I’m Chinese and French. I do have a brother-in-law who's full Filipino. I used to live with him and my sister for a few years. He would cook adobo, lechon, kare-kare, sinigang—my favorite—and pancit every day. So maybe [my looking like a Filipina] comes from all the Filipino food I ate.

Possibly! So you love our food. How about our country?
I love it! I love it because of the people. Everyone is so accommodating, well-mannered, and you can tell that the people have good values of love and friendship.

Ever consider dating a Filipino?
Yes, I actually had before. Filipino guys are handsome.

Thank you. What happened there? Hopefully it ended well.
It was in high school and, yes, we're still friends.  

What was it that you liked most about him?
I loved that he was a great dancer. What is it about you Filipinos and being awesome dancers? It's like in your blood, huh?  

You mentioned to us that in your free time you give free lessons on being awesome. Care to give us a tip or two?
Being awesome comes with practice. It's about being positive and always looking toward to the future.

Does your awesomeness go beyond “PG-13”?
I'm a beast in the sheets! Ha ha ha! Sorry that just rhymed and sounded cool. I can say I'm pretty awesome because I'm a very giving person.

Where do you draw the line when it comes to “giving”—if a line does exist, that is.
Well, as with any sport, "safety first." Number one rule is there must be trust between each other and always have a safe word.  

You’ve had some Hollywood experience, what’s it like working on a Hollywood set?  
The thing about Hollywood is they really make everything look real. I was on the set for a horror film once and the scene was in a dark alley of a parking lot. Even though there were cameramen and film crew all over the place it still gave me the chills

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