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Nupur Singh - March 2013

Nupur Singh wishes only good things for you. Do the same for her
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 6, 2013
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What does Nupur mean?
Nupur in Hindi means “the bells of an anklet.”

Can you share to us a couple of things about yourself?
I come from a close-knit Indian family. My family is quite liberal and supportive of my hobbies. I have a full-time job in the finance industry and then I do modeling as a side profession.

How did you end up becoming a model?
Modeling was never on my mind. I was an academically oriented girl but I always wanted a portfolio for myself. I did my first photo shoot on the insistence of my friends, actually. My photos made the rounds and then one thing led to another and I got into this field.

How did you end up living in Singapore?
I’ve been living in Singapore basically my whole life. My father landed a job and we all moved there around 23 years ago.

Where do you usually hang out?
I usually catch up with my friends on off days, be it at a coffee place or a bar. The place does not matter, the company does.

Indian culture is very conservative. Is a sexy photo shoot outside of your comfort zone?
I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I never intended to do a shoot like this but I thought it might be fun to challenge myself and find out what my limitations are. I wanted to test my boundaries. Plus, I trust the photographer a lot so everything went well.

What sort of guy would catch your fancy? And how do you find Filipino men?
Someone tall, dark, and handsome maybe? Ha ha! Looks only matter in romantic flicks, but in real life a guy who is intelligent, loving, funny, and honest will certainly catch my attention. I’m very much into guys who are sincere. And you know what, I find Filipino men super talented so you never know—I just might date one.

Do you live by a motto, never mind the cliché?
There is only one thing in life I truly believe in: “What goes around, comes around.” Be good to people and they will be good to you.

Share to us your naughtiest experience ever.
It was the night of my birthday when I was dared to kiss my best friend, who is also a girl. I shall leave the rest to your imagination. All I would say is that I won the dare, ha ha!

Brazilian girls are known for their sex appeal. Japanese women are the shy type. What are Indian girls notorious for?
Indian girls are known to be shy on the outside but bold and strong within. They like coming out of their comfort zone to surprise you, just like me.

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