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Pam Rodriguez - June 2008

<p><span style="font-family: verdana,geneva; font-size: xx-small;"><span style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: ">Spicy aister comes to town!</span></span></p>
| May 28, 2008
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How’d you find out about FHM Philippines when you’re based in LA and not even Filipino?
I learned a lot about FHM Philippines from all my Filipino friends—Pinays, as you call them. I love the Filipino culture and a good friend of mine told me to contact you guys and said, “Hey, you should do FHM Philippines, they’ll love you!” So, here I am!

Great friends! Tell us about your first-ever bikini contest.
It’s a really funny story. I’d never joined a swimsuit pageant or seriously wanted to become a model. While on a night-out with my friends, we all decided to hang out at a nightclub. We were all waiting in line and I got this tap on my shoulder, so I looked back. The coordinator and assistant of the contest were standing there and said, “You need to enter the contest we are having tonight.” I said, “No, thank you!” They were persistent and said that they’d provide the bikini and that all my friends could get in for free and will be served free drinks. That became my biggest peer-pressure moment and I said, “Why not?” I did it and made it to the finals. Later that month I won the contest and the rest is history!

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