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Rachel Anunziello - August 2013

We met Canadian Rachel Annunziello and found out she only tagged along to see how our country looked like. We said ‘you could do more.’ Looks like she did
by Pong Castillo | Jul 31, 2013
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What brings you here to the Philippines?
Sa totoo lang, I’m just here because my boyfriend is doing some outsourcing work here for an Australian call center. We’ve been traveling a lot.

Can you say that being a jetsetter makes you adventurous?
Dati, hindi naman, pero in the past few years I guess so because I’ve traveled all over the world.

We see you have mad abs!
Ha ha! Salamat! I’m really into health and fitness, I work out every day. I love making healthy foods because I’m vegetarian.

Have you tried doing sports or outdoor activities in the Philippines?
I’ve tried diving, and sobrang maganda. I’ve wanted to do it my whole life, pero mas affordable here, di ba?

Well, they say everything is more affordable in the Philippines!
Ha ha! Totoo! It should be, “It’s more affordable in the Philippines.”

Were you nervous modeling for a men’s magazine?
Yes! Actually, I’m still a newbie, sa totoo lang. This is another thing I never thought I’d be doing, but here I am modeling in the Philippines.

Does being fit have anything to do with your level of comfort?
Definitely! You know, working out all the time, really paying attention to what I eat makes me super confident. Of course nobody’s perfect, and I still have my flaws, but it’s nice to just be able to relax and be comfortable in my own skin.

Okay, you’ve been peppering your answers with Filipino! What made you want to learn the language?
Ah, kasi you know, nakatira ako dito sa Pilipinas kaya gusto ko matuto. It’s just respectful di ba? I mean, if someone came to my country, I expect them to make an effort. At least it makes things so much easier. Plus it’s such a cool language, and it’s so much fun learning it! It just feels great to be bilingual na!


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