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Roxee B - July 2013

Did you think Roxanne Barcelo would just fade away? Not by her rules. By way of a rebirth, here’s Roxee B to fulfill your longing
by Anton D. Umali | Jul 10, 2013
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You’ve got a new single called “WOW (Women of the World).” What’s the idea behind it?
The title came from my manager Jerome B. Smooth. When we [collaborator Q-York and J. Smooth] were producing the song, everyone was asking me what it was I really wanted to tell people. I thought that it was a difficult question, knowing what you want to express to your audience after doing stuff such as children’s shows like Art Angel, which was fun and I even got an award for hosting it.

And did you find out what it was you wanted to communicate this time around?
If you listen to my lyrics, it says that I embrace every single thing I’ve done in my past. I even gave a shout-out to Big Brother, to Kuya. That’s what I wanted to tell women. The song is “WOW” because it stands for Women of the World, but it could also mean Women of Worth or Women of Wisdom. It’s about women having purpose. I really feel strongly about women right now…but not in that way! Ha ha!

What in your opinion makes a woman worldly?
You have to accept all the flaws you can call beautiful. It’s about waking up the next day and believing in change. It’s about knowing your worth. All the things you think are ugly or quirky, those are the things that make you special. It’s not about pleasing other people. Now, it’s about what I want.

Speaking of change, what made you finally decide to immortalize your womanhood here on the pages of FHM?
This is the direction my music is going. My new song is about being a confident woman. When I asked my best friend Marian [Rivera] why she made the decision to be on the cover of FHM, she answered, “Gusto ko lang!” and it was that simple. You have to honor, believe, and respect what it is you want in life.

Since you and Marian Rivera are BFFs, what is the sexiest thing about her that the world doesn’t know about?
Wow! She’s a lot of things and many things make her sexy. The thing that’s on top is the fact that she is so loving. She is capable of unconditional love. That’s the amazing thing about women: No matter how much we’ve been hurt, we can always bounce back and love again.  

In the game of love, how should a man play it to win?
Know what your intention is. If the intention isn’t true, the woman will see right through you. If we see and feel the good intentions, then we’ll go for it.

We understand you’ve taken on this alter ego, Roxee B, for your music career. How has this affected your onstage persona?
When I first heard the name, I decided this woman deserves so much more. She deserves the best. She’s able to do things I can’t normally do, like this photo shoot for instance, ha ha! When I go onstage, I go all out, not caring what other people think. It’s a passion I have never been able to showcase or let out. After doing this, I only hope for good things

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