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Sam-Oh - September 2006

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| Sep 1, 2006
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INTERVIEW: Lou E. Albano

Anything we still don’t know about Koreans?
There are so many Koreans in the Philippines! I’m actually pretty surprised, pleasantly shocked that Koreans are pretty popular these days. Koreans here are tight. We have Korean associations, with chapters all over the country. Parang frats. If anything I think Koreans tend to be too cliquey—they stick to their own kind too much. But then I think the language thing factors into that a lot.

How was the shoot like?
Saya, saya! The experience was a lot of fun. Wow, what an experience. I feel really lucky to have worked with everyone today. Posing sexy is new to me but they helped make me feel pretty comfortable. I had a lot of fun. And I have found a new respect for models. This shit’s hard.

But you were nervous, right?

I was! I really don’t see myself as sexy. I’m more like the big dork trying to do TV. Hopefully people have fun watching me. But in the looks department, in this industry, if you talk about looks, there are so many gorgeous girls out there and I really don’t see myself as one, you know?

But you’ve gotten a lot of shout-outs after that one episode where you wore a bikini. If you’re not sexy, then what else?
Let’s talk about me: I can definitely have more boobs. My legs could be longer, my butt could be perkier. Of course I’m really grateful that some people think I’m sexy, that’s really flattering.

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Read Sam Oh's full interview and see her magazine-exclusive pics in the September 2006 issue of FHM.

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