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Shae Norris - September 2008

<p>Shae Norris</p>
| Sep 3, 2008
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PHOTOGRAPHY: Steve Bitanga
INTERVIEW: Nikki Custodio
MAKEUP: Kimm DiCato
SHOT ON LOCATION AT The Sofia Hotel, Downtown San Diego, California

Was there any cultural confusion being of mixed race, growing up in the States?
I was raised in a very traditional environment; however, I altered that environment by creating my own path, goals and way of life—I made it more Western. I was rebellious and I didn’t allow my mother and father’s strict, authoritarian parenting style to hold me back. They put me through Catholic school, of which, now that I look back at it, I’m very grateful. But of course, I was the typical “Catholic School Girl”—rebelling at everything and anything I could possibly think of, just for the sake of doing it.

You took up Political Science in college. How did you end up in the modeling and TV industry?

I’d always had an interest in modeling and television—in fact, I began taking acting lessons at the age of seven and have always loved being in front of the camera since I was three. My family, however, is big proponent on education and a Bachelor’s degree is a minimum. Since politics had always intrigued me, it seemed to be the perfect fit. I do have to admit that my family has somewhat of a political background—my father’s cousin, Domingo Siazon, Jr., is currently the Philippine Ambassador to Japan and was formerly the Secretary of Foreign Affairs during the Ramos administration. So, I guess you can say that politics is in my blood.

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