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Sheree-February 2004

| Mar 1, 2004
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Is your singing career on hold?

Actually, I don’t really sing a lot these days because I’m busier with the activities of the Viva Hot Babes. I’d still love to sing because that has really been my dream. I’ve been singing since I was three, yung parang salimpusa lang sa mga beauty pageant. Then as I grew older, I enjoyed jamming with friends and we would sing in hotels. Then the managers started asking me if I wanted to sing in their hotels regularly. I wanted to accept the offers but my mom thought I should focus on my studies first.

Whatever happened to your launching album?
It was also set aside during the time I had a problem—along with the rest of my career. I was gone for six months dahil sa pag-ibig, as others would put it. (laughs slightly)

Care to explain that in your own words?
Kasi nga, medyo naging bulag lang ako nun. It was the first time I fell in love like that. Ayun, medyo naging matigas ang ulo ko. And my work was getting affected at that time kasi nagkakaroon na ako ng mga pasa-pasa sa mukha. Sobrang naging colorful ang buhay ko, pero napapagalitan naman ako ng manager ko. But I’m okay now. I’ve realized what the important things in life are, like how difficult it is to lose a source of income.

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