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Shiralee Coleman - March 2011

<p>Where the wild things are, is where smoking Fil-Aussie Shiralee will be!</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 30, 2011
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Australia puts a different spin to the word ‘wild.’ We mean, Australians always dominating the ridiculously incredible Ironman Triathlons. [firstpara]
We mean, Australians making the already extreme activity Rappelling, even more extreme by suspending you in mid-air, a la Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.

We mean the Tazmanian Devil—it is not just a cartoon character, people!—living in the Australian state Tazmania.  

We mean Shiralee Coleman, the lovely lady whose photos you are ogling at. Over email, she says how she’s “always pushing the boundaries.” How she “won’t say no to fun.” How she “always pressing the red button.”

Well, gentlemen, press your red button, unbutton the other kind, push the boundary, and push the envelope while you’re at it. Live, in other words. But if you’ve no idea just yet, how about you allow Shiralee to show you how?

So you just happened to have these photos, Shiralee, and you didn’t know what to make of them?
I have always loved producing shoots. It's part of my job. I am a creative person so this was a personal project of mine as I love modeling and styling. I did this shoot with Australian photographer Guy Tadman, whose work I love and a fabulous makeup artist Kristy Lee did the make up.

They are an amazing team! We had a fun time shooting on a perfect sunny afternoon. And then my cousin suggested I show the photos to you because it is a bikini shoot and I love the magazine, so I wanted to be involved, and went from there.  I went to and thought, why not? I've read FHM, and think it's a great magazine. It's cheeky and fun and great for both guys and girls to read (or even more so to look at the eye candy!)

Talk about being proactive.
Im always thinking of a new creative project. My favourite thing to do is shoot, in front or behind the camera. I love coming up with new concepts and photography allows so many different elements - its always a reward to see an idea come to life. Whether I'm modeling or thinking of a campaign for one of my clients it's a real buzz. I love what I do for a living.

Are you saying this whole modeling thing is just for kicks? But you seem like a professional model.
I’ve been modeling since I was 17. I am with Target International in Spain and the UK and with Romel Model Management in Australia. I have worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, so modeling has always been a part of my life. I am a Marketing and PR Manager by profession, designing campaigns for [various] fashion labels. So I do both, and really enjoy it.

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Photography: Guy Tadman
Make up Artist: Kristilee Waine
Interview: Lou E. Albano

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