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Stephanie Tan - July 2013

Sassy Girls front woman Stephanie Tan uses her sweet assets to taunt us every chance she gets. We’re more than happy to be on the receiving end
by Anton D. Umali | Jul 24, 2013
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Can you tell us how you were baptized into the entertainment industry?
I was doing commercials. I’ve been in different advertisements for telecom and deodorant brands. Stuff like that. Then when I needed to sustain my financial needs, I joined Wowowee.

And was that gig successful?
I lasted for almost one year pero hindi ko siya kinaya kasi umuuwi ako ng Laguna. I was so tired and parang hindi siya worth it for me. Tapos nagagalit pa yung dad ko because I might get sick from exhaustion. So I stopped. Then luckily, my cousin’s girlfriend was EB Babe Joy. So noong hiring for EB Babes, sabi niya sa akin, “Steph, if you want pasa ka sa akin ng resume mo.” I did and I got in with the
EB Babes.

You have a girl group called Sassy Girls. What sets you apart from other acts?
Yung Sassy Girls kasi kabubuo niya pa lang but we’re more on the Moulin Rouge side, more burlesque. We do song and dance, but more on the J-Lo style kami. Parang we’re doing Latin. We sing but we also do sexy dance routines.

Burlesque is naturally sensual. How do you project this?
There’s teasing involved. When I feel the music, it comes naturally from within.

Do you think girls in this day and age have more of an avenue to express their sensuality without being judged?
Nowadays naman dito sa Philippines, people are more open minded. Communities are starting to embrace the importance of sexiness, though not fully yet.

What’s the best weapon you can arm our readers with when it comes to wooing modern women like you?
Just be yourself. Don’t be too arrogant, don’t be too shy.

And how would you describe the perfect kiss?
I don’t know. Maybe, I would feel that if the perfect guy were the one who kissed me.

Would it be torrid or sweet?
Sweet kind of kisses so I feel he really loves me. When it’s torrid, it’s more on the sexual side.

So what will it take for you to bring out your sexual side?
I need to love the person.


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