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Tanya Garcia - August 2002

| Aug 1, 2002
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How do you want to be seduced?
Definitely, not through flowers. If a guy’s sweet, thoughtful, and act like a gentleman, magugustuhan ko siya. I want to be around a well-mannered guy.

Would you ever marry a gay man in real life the way you did in your soap opera?
Ano’ng gagawin namin sa bahay? Mag-aayusan ng buhok? Tama na sa akin na nagawa ko iyon sa TV. (Laughs)

What’s your stand on plastic surgery and breast augmentation?
I have nothing against these procedures. What’s wrong with wanting to be beautiful and feel good about oneself? Dapat walang pakialaman. I don’t understand why other people hate it when women go under the knife. Wala namang masama do’n.

What, to you, is the secret to having a sexually explosive evening?
Love, to me, triggers it. As far as settings go, I surely won’t do it kung saan-saan. I think the perfect setting would be in our—my husband or fiancé’s—home. Or, we could make love in the beach because I’ve always loved the water.

You’re one of the newest entries in our annual 100 Sexiest Women of the World poll.
Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake in tallying the votes? Feeling ko kasi ginu-goodtime n’yo lang ako. Seriously, it’s great news because “sexy” isn’t normally the word you’d say when you see me.

Our predominantly male voters certainly thought otherwise. What do you think makes you sexy to them?
I really am clueless about it. I don’t think of myself as someone who belongs to that breed of physically gifted ladies whom men long to be with. Neither do I see myself as someone with such a pleasing personality, a trait that’s also a hit with most men. Feeling ko kasi, I’m very awkward whenever I move or walk. Parang walang rhythm. Kasi nga parang bata akong gumalaw at magsalita. So I don’t know how to answer this question. But thanks, FHM readers. You’ve made me wonder, guys.

Maybe you’re underestimating yourself.
Siguro nga. (Laughs) FHM

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