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Ultimate Vixens - February 2013

The Ultimate Vixens unleash an outbreak of hotness
by Ronjay Eduvas | Feb 27, 2013
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If you were to describe your experience with the Premiere Vixens so far, what “e” word would you use?
Exciting! Ha ha! I learned many things from the crew—from doing the right poses to professionalism. I really didn’t know how to act at first. But eventually I got the hang of it.

What’s your favorite part?
The bond we made between us. I really like Akiko and Danica—they are very kind. We were friends even before the three of us were declared winners.

Glad to know that you girls are getting along with each other so well! Can you cite a particular instance that’s really memorable to you?
Our first shoot. I was really, really nervous. Prior to the Vixens I’ve never really gone sexy. I will never forget that!

What was going through your mind the night you were about to be declared one of the winners?
I was really nervous because I didn’t know if I’d win. When they said they’d pick three winners, I got even more scared. Paano pag hindi pa rin ako kasama dun? Ha ha! So when they called my name, everything changed. I felt very happy and thankful of all my supporters.

So now that you’ve been declared a Premiere Ultimate Vixen, what’s next?
My plan is to travel, and fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. Also, a director approached me and gave me his card. I might do an indie film this year, a romantic-comedy drama. We’ll see!

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We bet being a Premiere Ultimate Vixen is great. Do you agree?
Naku, masaya siyempre. Ha ha! Kakaibang experience siya. Kasi yung ibang modeling–mga car show lang, ganyan. Yung Premiere Vixens parang pageant, so maraming pinagdaraanan.

What are your plans for the future?
Naka-focus ako sa Premiere ngayon pero gagawin ko kung ano sigurong dumating na project. Wala naman akong masyadong pinipili. Wag lang masyadong off.

What about for Valentine’s Day?
Well, parang napaka-casual na ng date so siguro kung anong maisip niya [my date] na kakaibang bagay. Parang kung mall kunyari, napaka-ordinary for a special event. Puwede mo namang puntahan sa kahit anong weekend yun.

Quick Vixens survey: When we say ass, you think of?



Good kisser?
Bianca! Kasi kini-kiss niya ako sa cheek, ha ha! Cute siyang mag-kiss!

Are you sure it’s just on the cheeks?
Yes! Ha ha!

Do you think being a Vixen has improved your kissing or lovemaking skills?
Lover sa work oo, pero in bed…siguro hindi naman sa pagiging Vixen yun
natututunan. Nasa natural way mo iyon, pero ang natural way ko, matulog sa bed, ha ha!

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