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Victoria London - The Girls of FHM: Lingerie Special 2007

Fall for her once again<br />
| Oct 23, 2007
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Photography: Mark Nicdao for Wildbunch
Interview: B.A. Borleo
Styling: Shahani Gania
Makeup: Diana de Castro of Maybelline

It’s been six years since your last FHM debut. What has changed?
I’m 24 now, about to turn 25 in October. So much has happened in these six years I don’t know where to begin. But I’m so much more focused and driven now. Now I set my goals realistically. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming really big dreams, setting really high standards, and wanting to be on top of the world, right?

Of course. It has also been a while since you last visited the country. What did you miss most about this tiny nation?
Wow, first of all, there seems to be more people here in Manila than the entire population of Taiwan, where I spent most of the six years, so “tiny” doesn’t really describe this beautiful nation. Ha ha ha! The thing I really missed the most were my family and friends. Friends here in the Philippines really stick. It doesn’t matter if you disappear for 20 years, they’ll still keep in touch. Every year I was gone I would still receive birthday messages and greetings through text, Friendster, email and MySpace even through my Chinese fan site. It’s so touching.

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